Falling in love with you..


It’s raining. The best part of the year for those who have ever fancied of having a stroll with their lover.  This is the time when some hidden memories, some grounded feelings start budding within you. Isn’t it?

It’s been 5 years since I, Sehej, first met him. Of course it sounds great and perhaps it is. As I close my eyes, I recollect the initial days of our relationship. I wish I had a rewind button in my life.  Probably if I can use it just once, you know where would I love to go?  The journey begins… come I will take you to the best days of my life….

I am packing all my stuff. I am leaving home. I have no clue of what my life is going to be, whether the coming days will totally transform me or the winds will wrap me in the sand dunes of time. But somewhere within me lies a satisfaction, it’s my own will , no one has imposed that on me.

Once you step out in the arms of life, you encounter a lot of opportunities waiting to grab you, people staring at you with eyes full of expectations. All of a sudden you start realizing your identity. Who you are and who you aspire to be.

I reached my boarding school. This was something which I have ever since thought of. I could see new people, a new place. Wherever I turned the only feeling which I embraced was the unknown.

Still a part of me lives in the past because those days play a melody with my heart-strings.


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