Face your fears to realise dreams

Fear can be eliminated only by facing it step by step.

Why am I not excelling?

This arises as a question in a majority of us, whether a corporate person or a school student. We all have the desire to win and we all have dreams which we cherish regarding success. However, very few people succeed to realize their dreams. In fact, very few manage to hold on to that dream.

Goal setting and structuring our days are factors that help us in this. What else? Scientific studies point to a very interesting point, that how very few people are able to come out of their comfort zones. How many of us are able to expose ourselves to our fears? Honestly speaking, very few, why? We avoid taking risks and fear new things because of fear of failure. The moment we avoid, we maintain our fears.

What do we do for this? We all have areas that we want to change, but avoid trying to do so because of fear. Identify those. Generate a step by step action plan for exposing yourself to that. Model somebody or meet people who have done that. Expose yourself, implement it. Initially you might need support from a senior or a friend. To make things easy, start with something which is not difficult or demanding so that immediate completion will act as a self reinforcement, then move to more difficult things.

For example, fear of public speaking is a very common problem. People avoid public speaking either due to anxiety or fear of failure. This leads to avoidance of the problem. The avoidance helps the person avoid anxiety. This in turns maintains the fear of public speaking. What a person needs to do is to start with talking to a group of people who are supportive, and about a subject that is easy. The success of such a talk and the feedback from your audience will improve your confidence to gradually shift to larger groups and elaborate topics. Take tips from expert speakers and practice well in advance. All these will help you face the fear.

This process can be adapted to face any fear. So start acting now itself.

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