Exploring Beyond The Skyscrapers. Largest Flower Garden Of The World – Miracle Garden Dubai.

Call Phoolon ki Rani or Phoolan Devi

“The Dubai” that mesmerizes any tourist, sure has reached great heights in creating records one after other. After the  mega tall sky scraper Burj Khalifa now the “Tallest Vertical Flower Garden”.  Yes. 

If all we heard about Dubai was, the haunting sky scrapers; never ending extensive  roads; the sand dunes; camels; shawarma falafels and hummus; and the beaches, then definitely we have missed the winter bloom. This breathtaking Flower Garden called “piece of eden” was announced as largest vertical flower garden by the Guinness Book of records. 

 It stuns you more as it is a challenging mega mission created in the land of sand. It is not a easy task maintaining an area of 75,000sqm with 4 km pathways, 1km height flower walls, and over 50 million flowers for a few months off summer. But Dubai has it all. 

It was thrilling to say am going to Dubai to witness the winter bloom.


Is this some fairyland or a dreamland!


Upturned car as fountain amidst floral display
The floral flight of Dubai
Marvellous symmetry






A few pictures are still the least to describe the beauty of the flower beds. I was absolutely overwhelmed in awe by the petunia beds. If colourful heaven meant this then I wished to be the lost butterfly with a long life. An unimaginable maintenance in the gulf region. Surprisingly one would not exhaust wandering in these green plot!

A Few Key Notes:-

  • The Miracle Garden is open only in winter, or to be precise is closed in the peak summer.
  • There is a web site where you need to get the information about the opening time and hours. http://www.dubaimiraclegarden.com/
  • There are plenty of food stalls inside the garden and also ample seating arrangements around the main gate.
  • Children will not get too bored again as there are enough stuff including toys on sale which will keep them occupied.
  • Glow garden and butterfly garden are other spots worth seeing.
  • There is constant announcement in the loud speakers regarding the public transport facilities to and fro from garden to city.
  • Very well co-ordinated security on stroll inside and ample car parking space in the exterior.

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