Band Interview 2: Experiment Gone Wild

The event ‘Acoustic Night‘ is going to take place on the 30th of this month.
This is the interview which was given by Rohith of the band: Experiment gone wild

MB: When did you do your first performance?
Rohith: I performed first in a band when I was in my 9th class. However I started to listen to better music in my high school.

MB: How was your experience as a band in Manipal?
Rohith: We formed a band when we were in our first year. But it broke up due to personal issues. But this ia completely new line up with four members and we are pretty excited about it!

MB: Who is your inspiration behind music?
Rohith: I got my knack for music from my mother! I love to play in a band and I hope I get successful!

MB: Are you targeting the music industry?
Rohith: (laughing) Maybe someday!

MB: Any suggestions for Manipal students and administration to keep the music scene alive?
Rohith: Yes. I would like to elaborate a bit. The thing is that many students indulge in unhealthy activities like smoking and drinking to pass time and associate it with leisure. We, on the other hand, love music and it is one of the few things that we enjoy. So when a place like Manipal can have pubs and discos, why not an official MU club for music? Music really helps so if you are killing it, you actually kill life. It is my humble suggestion of the university officials to encourage the healthy music scene in Manipal instead of curbing it.

MB: We hope the officials will take a not of that! Wish you all the best for the coming event.
Rohith: Thanks a lot!

Coming up soon is the interview of Dilip of the same band and Rakshit from ‘Wait for it’!

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