Excellent Gadgets to Improve the Way you Work

Improving productivity is essential if you want to be successful in your industry. Thankfully there are tech loving experts who are constantly helping businesses by developing gadgets that can make a huge difference. The best gadgets to invest in are the ones that are going to last and not be a quick flash in the pan. Additionally it is vital that the benefits of the technology are suited to your business needs and will grow as your company does. Check out this list of must have gadgets that you can benefit from investing in.

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Digital Recorders

No one is able to predict when ideas are going to come. Without a doubt you will have thought of several ideas at times and you failed to make a note of them only to discover you forgot them later. You need to get used to capturing the ideas each time you come up with them. A digital recorder is fantastic for quickly recording your idea to go over at a more suitable time. Digital recorders have other uses too. You can use them to record meetings so you can focus on the discussions without having to make notes at the time. You will then be able to go through the recording and transcribe it later on.

Portable Storage

SD cards and flash drives are essential. They can be used to take important documents and data with you when you are travelling or moving between offices. It is possible to easily pack the data in your hand baggage when you go travelling or even carry them in your pocket or attach them to your key ring. Portable storage also provides you a way of backing up data or sharing it with others. If you will be storing a lot of images or audio files invest in more SD cards as they are able to store larger amounts of data.

Additionally portable hard drives are able to back up your complete computer drive, ideal for backing up your files.


You really should at least have a smartphone as they are so useful.  You can use them to stay in contact with your clients and employees while you are out of the office, check your emails, make calls, manage your social networks and even create blog posts. There are many apps that are designed to improve productivity too. If you are really smart you should also develop your own smartphone app for your business for your customers.

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Protect Your Investments

It is essential that you take steps to protect your gadgets. Being small and portable it is possible for accidents and losses to occur. Check your business insurance and buy protective covers and cases when possible. Protect your data with secure passwords and if you are giving gadgets to your employees set clear policies on what they need to do if something was to get damaged or lost.  Repairs for iphone 5 won’t cost your company a fortune but you should always aim to protect your investments.

About the Author: John Gary is a full time freelance writer. He enjoys writing about gadgets and has a special interest in small to medium sized businesses. You can find his work published online on websites and blogs as well as in printed magazines. He has written for several years and in that time he has written thousands of articles and blog posts.


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