Exams: A nightmare worse than 74% by Sai Pawan

Manipal, the small “lit” town in the state of Karnataka, as we all know accommodates every kind of person you can find in the world. Hardworking students on their journey to become Doctors, Engineers, Artists and what not. But honestly, this is for those late-to-class, always-sleepy, short attendance victim backbenchers who, just like me, have reached the toughest part of our semester (if your exams haven’t started then, ahem,they’re waiting for you around the corner).  Yes, the party has officially ended and books and notes have taken over your WhatsApp media. Very sad.
You see everyone rushing to the library and discussing topics while you stand there trying to recall what subject it is.
Shouldn’t have scrolled through all those memes in class huh? All that Old monk you drank the entire sem hasn’t trained you for the exam stress. I know. Panic, anxiety, pressure. Basically,the regular chilling has reached its doom.
In all this mess there’s a very minor thing I think every struggling student like me should know. Grades matter,yes. Do they decide how successful you’ll be? No. Is it too late to recover and show the first benchers that you don’t have to be the geek to ace your tests? No. So, buckle up and just give it your best shot and even if it doesn’t go well, I think class has  trained us enough to make it to the bare minimum. And even if it’s the worst semester of your life and your exams are shit, at least you had fun this whole time and you didn’t let the stressful semester get to your happiness.
Doesn’t that already make you a winner?
Sai PawanAbout the Author: Sai Pawan is a student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering.

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