Top 6 Ways to Study Smart

Many students study hard to improve on their performance; however, studying hard does not guarantee good grades. To succeed in studies, students need to rise higher and higher as the competition gets tough, students are challenged to acquire new skills and ideas, since learning is a continuous process. According to Kevin Paul‘s quote “study smarter, not harder,” we need to master some of the basic elements to maximize our performance and increase our learning power.

Multitasking is not an effective strategy

In the modern world, students want to do almost everything at once; they multitask from replying to a text or sending emails while studying. At work, people wear many hats than they used to; however, time management is one of the biggest challenges. People might feel that by working from 7.a.m. to 8.p.m they are doing more. In reality, they are doing less in the process.

Scientifically, the brain cannot be effective when one switch between tasks. We are likely to lose concentration in the process. Multitasking is harmful, and it is a waste of time. You lose time and resources because you end up making numerous mistakes.

For instances, if you are to send an email to one person, but because of lack of concentration you send the mail to reply all. You will be required to repeat the task. Several studies show that we tend to have a lower retention rate when we multitask; this means that you will redo the work, or you might not proceed with another task because you have forgotten some information. That is why students with busy schedules would choose to buy an essay to avoid the last-minute rush that might affect their grade.


Testing knowledge on a regular basis

It is good to test your levels of knowledge on a regular basis. Since learning is the main purpose of school tests enables us to understand some of the gaps we need to fill to acquire appropriate knowledge. Learning and testing go hand in hand, the best way to study is to sit down with a textbook and the noted and read each chapter and the class notes. When you test yourself based on materials, you have learned, you will improve your performance when you review them over again.  You will find many books having questions at the end of each chapter to help you review the material. Testing works because you can review the information immediately  hence have a stronger memory. Studying by testing is effective, and it is the best way to study because one is likely to recall the information read during the test.

Focus on the process of learning

It is also important to focus on the process of learning, but not necessarily the outcomes; there is a huge difference between the outcomes and the process. When you focus on the outcomes, it means you will find yourself resistant to try new ideas. Therefore, you will define yourself by performance, but not the effort made. By understanding your efforts, means putting forth your very best to improve which is a rewarding experience. People who make more effort do not bother about the outcome they are concerned with the process.

Taking notes as a critical skill

To study smart one need to improve on taking notes, taking notes helps the recall the information. Even though there several ways of note taking, it is good to find what can work for you.

Improve your taking-note techniques the most important consideration in note taking is to keep them simple. Organizing your notes will help you follow through and help you remember the information. That is why it is good to keep them short and precise by using keyword .While taking notes using your own words, not verbatim from the teacher.  However, when you hear a good phrase that can help you remember,   and then you can directly quote it.

Using a holistic approach

The best way to focus on the process of learning is to use a holistic approach; this means using the information you had and build on it. The process involves linking concepts and compressing information to understand the bigger picture. Some of the ideas including using a metaphor, this would enable you to organize your information comparing complex ideas to a simple one. You can analyze how certain ideas relate and come up with analogies to improve your understanding of different concepts. A holistic approach means using all the senses to come up with vivid pictures, images, and feelings that can relate together with the concept for instances when you want to learn matrix you can recall the pattern by visualizing the movement of your hand through numbers by adding and subtracting.

Teaching someone

It is important to find someone who needs help in understanding the topic and teach him, through teaching you will have a better perspective on the topic and remember what you have taught the person. By spending, some minutes to explain the concept can save you the many hours studying the same topic. You need to read different textbooks and get every piece of information that are related to the topic you want to learn. You can use several sources to gather scholarly articles to improve you understand about the topic.

Final thoughts

To succeed in our studies, one needs to adapt smart ways of learning. As Kevin Paul says, we should study smarter, but not harder, meaning that we need to master some basic idea of how to be smart at studying.

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