Everyone Can Find Family Friendly Fun on Sea and Land


If you are looking to do something different for your next holiday, it is well worth considering trying something a little more adventurous.

Finding the perfect family break can be difficult, especially at a time when value for money is occupying the minds of many travelers. Keeping both adults and children properly occupied, as well as stimulated, entertained and relaxed, can be an almost impossible job when it comes to some holidays. Indeed, it is often possible to return from what should have been a relaxing break feeling worse than when you set out.

Get Outdoors

This is when it might be wise to consider choosing from the great range of family activity holidays which are available now. The word adventure might be discouraging to some people, conjuring up images of absailing down cliffs or canoeing through rapids. While you can do those things, should you want to, there is a much more nuanced range of holidays on the market which cater for a whole host of levels of test and challenge.

There are even some family adventure holidays where you do not need to be too active at all. Many people enjoy taking wildlife and safari holidays, where often the only active thing that you need to do is walk a bit and keep your eyes peeled when you are in the vehicles. Many hiking and cycling breaks are also very leisurely and easy-paced and you do not need to be Bear Grylls or Bradley Wiggins to get a lot out of a relaxing, yet active, holiday such as this.

Life on an Ocean Wave

Of course, sailing a boat would be a massive adventure for any family and probably beyond the capacity of the majority of holiday makers. Nevertheless, even if you have no sailing experience at all, you can take advantage of fully or partially crewed boats. Here, you can learn to sail yourself, or just enjoy the experience of being on a boat out at sea.Everyone can find family friendly fun on sea and land 1

Flotilla sailing holidays provide a good way of socializing while enjoying a great adventure. This is where a small group of boats travels in formation, meaning that help is never far away should anyone fall into difficulties. It also means that there is more opportunity for people to get together at the end of the day, or to organise excursions to various venues on shore. While on shore, you can visit local towns and places of interest, or take part in various other activities such as canoeing.

With a little forethought and some careful planning, an adventure holiday can be the perfect solution for the family who is looking to go away and do something a little different this year. Whether you choose land or sea for your vacation, you should return feeling cleaner, healthier and happier.

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Shannen Doherty was born in Aberdeen in the 1980s and has the sea in her blood. With her home city’s proximity to the mountains as well as to the sea, Shannen became obsessed with both from an early age and helped crew some flotilla sailing holidays in her younger days. After a life spent traveling and writing, she now shares her expertise about family activity holidays with a wide range of travel websites and blogs.

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