‘The Power of Storytelling’ sounds so exaggerated at times. It may feel irrelevant sometimes but it is this exact skill that helps people in times of their need and equip them with the inspiration to face whatever challenges they are facing. 

And to celebrate this skill of storytelling and help people find the spark within themselves, TEDxMAHE– Journey to Eureka was hosted in the MCH Hall on April 3, 2022.

TEDxMAHE- Journey to Eureka, What was it about?

Taking inspiration from the famous Archimedes’ Eureka moment, the event was conducted to allow the audiences to know about the stories of the 6 distinguished and highly qualified panel of speakers. 

The whole idea of finding your Eureka moment and most importantly enjoying the journey towards achieving it stood out during the entirety of the event. ‘The journey to Eureka is truly path breaking’ as mentioned by Lt. Gen. (Dr.) M. D. Venkatesh, Vice-Chancellor of M.A.H.E,  in his message to the audience. Finding peace and solitude till you reach that moment and staying focused and determined was one of the many things mentioned by the speakers during the talk.

‘Finding the right Bath-tub’ 

The event was inaugurated by the Pro-Chancellor of M.A.H.E with a very crisp and enthusiastic speech, mentioning things about TEDxMAHE being a platform for the young minds of our society to freely express themselves. He even spoke about T.M.A Pai being a visionary leader and how he would have loved to be part of this event. 

     Later on Dr. H Sudharshan Ballal, the first speaker of the event approached the red spotlight on the stage and started explaining how Eureka wasn’t exactly a single moment for him but it was a series of growing and encapsulating moments to him being a neurologist that led him to his Eureka spark.

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He also spoke about the importance of finding the right tub and more importantly converting it into a crown-jewel of your own.

‘Doubt is the Mainstay for an Ethical Life’

This was followed by a series of talks from speakers ranging from a chef (Chef Sneha Singhi Upadhaya) to a transgender makeup artist (Nikkiey Chawla) to a CEO of a company and a fellow graduate from MIT (Vijay Raghav Varada).

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All of the above speakers spoke their hearts out and it was so encouraging to hear about their life experiences and more importantly what they learned during the journey of it. 

From taking inspiration from your family to defining your masculinity or femininity from your soul or learning about the Limbic system, were some of the most interesting Eureka discovering stories I had heard. 

Social Circles and Lunch

After the first four speakers, the guests were escorted to a small hall where games were organized and people could interact with the speakers of the event. This was a very thoughtful and well-planned thing as this whole phase went very smoothly and it was great to see people interacting with each other so comfortably in a physical mode after a long gap. Pictures and autographs with all the celebrity speakers were being taken and soon after this, a very refreshing lunch was served. 

The Last Phase

Soon after lunch, the two speakers were back on the stage to deliver some rather unique topics. First came Mr. Srijan Despande who interacted with the audience with the Hindustani Bandish and discussed battling conflict within himself and not defining himself with a particular thing, all this he learned from his love of Hindustani music. 

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And lastly, it was the CEO and Harvard Graduate, Sneha Biswas who spoke about the importance of education and her dealings with confidence and its relation to financial stability. She emphasized the importance of speaking and listening skills in society and hopefully the role Education has to play with that.

     From the cozy and attentive environment of the hall to the magnificent speeches delivered on the stage, this event really did highlight the path of finding your Eureka even though the journey to it might not be very perfect. All in all a very informative and life-embarking event, one that I personally will remember for the rest of my life. 


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