Entry no 8(Paranormal Romance)

“And this is what they call the gateway of India” our guide said as he pointed towards it and looked towards me from all the people in our group for a reaction. After an awkward silence I said “yeah it’s beautiful” with my eyes looking everywhere else but at the monument. It should happen now. I checked my cell again there were no new messages. I checked the delivery report of the last message sent. It was pending. I sighed looking at the sky. Is she actually coming ? I held my breath. I hope that my fellow schoolmates and the teachers that have come along with us on our school tour, enjoy the place as much as possible. I hope we stay here long. I hope she never turns up. I do want her to come but at the same time I really really hope she does not make it. Suddenly I see two girls talking to a friend of mine. Red coloured suit. I think she is the one. My heart starts pounding faster and faster. What is my body so scared of I have no idea. I start to walk towards her at three heart beats and one deep breath per foot step. I recalled how six months ago we met on a social networking site. I never thought it was possible for two people to be so much in love without ever seeing each other. Love is blind they say. Love meets you at Gateway of India they never say. “Hi” I said. She looks very different from what I had imagined. She felt like such a stranger at first but once I heard that voice I felt that familiarity. “Do I know you” she asked I replied looking in her eyes “no”.

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