Entry no 14(Paranormal Romance)

On retrospection, those cold clammy hands and persistence on black as her favourite colour on nocturnal dates should have aroused my suspicion a long time back. ‘If music be the food of love, play on’ as Shakespeare once famously put, I played on. With a mesmerizing beauty that could have put Cleopatra to shame, she had made me completely powerless and irrational.

That anaemic white face with jet black eyes straight through me, I was truly madly deeply in love with her at the first sight. Walking straight to her, I proclaimed, ‘You are the most beautiful thing I have ever come across and I would like to make you my girlfriend’. That was the only moment in our time together was she taken aback. ‘A drink is what over which we should discuss this over’, she said with a smile. ‘Oh boy, that’s how you score’, I thought with an equivalent smile for myself.

Blinded, I ignored my friend’s warning, ‘Dude, why the hell is she so sheet white’ or ‘Bro, she is frankly creepy’. ‘Bloody losers, I have a hot girlfriend and you don’t’ said to them to justify my relation. Sushi is her favourite dish though.

100 chloromints is what she must have had before we had our first kiss, I timidly thought. I had kissed before, but never this frigid yet unrelenting kiss. With neurotransmitters peaking throughout my brain, I am in love, was what every pores of my body screamed.

As I watched onto the reflection of myself, I gelled my hair. With my finest but ironically black shirt upon myself, I opened the door to get to my sweetheart. ‘It’s 1 in the morning. Are you going for your paranormal romance again?’ is what I could hear of my fading roommate’s voice.

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