An Enigma Called ‘WOMAN’ – Debalina Haldar

The innocence of a daughter, the support of a wife,
The care of a mother- makes a woman’s life.
With a tender heart, filled with faith;
She smiles calmly in the pangs of death.
Countless obligations in the world so big
Never does she cry against the world’s harsh wig.
A life of sacrifice- no relaxation, no gay.
How very enigmatic to live this way!
So many parts; so many roles;
She dedicates to the world her life and soul.
She is born in shackle; she is born in chain;
She works hard without any gain
Cries not, dreams not, yet shows the path to light
And leads a hard life of struggle and fight.
A phantom of delight, a silent strife,
A synonym for might is a woman’s life.


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