Engineering at Manipal University Jaipur?

Engineering these days is such a hullabaloo among parents, teachers, counselors and even the government due to which more and more students declare,“I want to be an Engineer”. When I hear these words, I am like, “OH wow! That’s great but which area of Engineering you wish to work for.”

Most students don’t even know why they want to be an engineer, let alone what type of engineer. They say things like, “My parents told me that I will earn a lot of money even if I simply hold a Bachelor’s Degree in any of the wings”Engineering

If you really wish to be an ENGINEER, you need to go through research work, searching through branches and contacting a few real time engineers. According to the College Board, there are more than 50 majors offered in engineering, apart from the majors given below.

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Computer Science Engineering
  3. Information Technology
  4. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Aeronautical Engineering
  8. Aerospace Engineering
  9. Automobile Engineering
  10. Chemical Engineering
  11. Software Engineering
  12. Instrumentation and Production Engineering
  13. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  14. Civil and Structural Engineering
  15. Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance Engineering
  16. Mathematics and Computing Engineering
  17. Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  18. Information Science Engineering
  19. Mechatronics Engineering
  20. Biomedical Engineering
  21. Electrical and Communication Engineering
  22. Electronics Control System Engineering
  23. Marine Engineering
  24. Biotechnology Engineering
  25. Genetic Engineering
  26. Oil and Paint Engineering
  27. Environmental Engineering
  28. Ceramic Engineering
  29. Nanotechnology
  30. Print and Media Technology
  31. Thermal Engineering
  32. Robotics

And the list is endless.

Choosing a branch is difficult. But according to what I have experienced in my first year, one should go for the subject/branch he /she is interested in. Until and unless you go for your interests, you are going to be that Average Simple Engineer, which is too mainstream.


About the Author: Pakhi Dixit studies Studies Information Technology at Manipal University Jaipur, Rajasthan. She hails from Jhansi. She considers herself an Insufferable-know it all !! Goody-two-shoes!! Nerd!! Bucktoothed!! Insecure!! Determined!! Loyal!! Brave!! Smart!! Fighter for lost causes!! BRILLIANT :). Books and cleverness!! But there are more important things-friendship and bravery. There is more to me than meets the eye.

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