Ego-The enemy of friendship??

People come and go out of your life. There are some people who literally leave their footprints on the sands of time. These are the people who remain with you throughout your life whether in person or by making an effort to be in contact. These are the ones whom you can rely on as they give you the most precious gift a person can ever give you: “Their precious time”. Nowadays how many of you actually are in contact with your old supposed to be best friends from school? Well I would say it’s just 20% of people. Ever wondered what lead to this?

Ego would top the list in most cases. I often wonder why some people are so egoistic with their own friends!! I mean, they are basically like extended family! I have personally experienced this and have eventually realized that maybe things would have been better had one of us given in. After all, friendship is about learning to give and share.

The conversation between two egoistic, good-old-friends goes somewhat like this :

Me: Hi! Long time,No see. How are you??

Friend: Hey .I’m good.

Me: so wassup? ( wondering frantically why she sounds so formal)

Friend : nm. sry gotta go Mom’s calling. bye

Me: bye. take care.(um….what the hell just happened?)

This happened with me a fair few times and I’m pretty sure it’s happened to many of you. So after this extremely awkward and unexpected conversation I obviously didn’t text her first any time later because I always got this feeling that why should I always be the one to initiate the conversation? So here comes in the famous destructive word in friendship: EGO. After this, I stopped being in contact with my friend and she did too. Finally, our friendship sadly deteriorated.

Reminiscing on this event I regret what happened. If only, one of us had been less egoistic, maybe our friendship would have blossomed. On the other hand, there are people who always remain in our heart and life because of the wonderful memories and the time we shared. There are few special friends who always remain your best buddies no matter how long time has passed. It’s like you enjoy the time with them telling about your life and talking like you have never been apart. That is what I call “True Friendship”.

True friendship has no boundaries, it always remains in your heart and soul. I feel blessed to have many such friends in my life. I would like to advise people to just throw aside their ego and treat every friend equally and remain friends till the end of our lives. After all, life is too short to lose friends close to you.

About the author: Subhathira R, is a third year BDS student at MCODS, Mangalore

Editedby: Nishant Gaurav Pathak

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