Early morning walks and the people you see

Source: Mentors and Friends: Why You Need to Be a Spiritual Matchmaker

As you may or may not know, when you start getting down in age the pounds does sneak up on you. Work, the busy schedule, lack of exercise and bad eating  habits does go a long way in helping these pounds settle into their new home. And these pounds dont come alone, they tend to bring along  with them three friends - high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes;  who happen to have shares in every funeral home in our country.

So sometimes a visit to the doctor for a quick check up brings things into focus, or  you only have to hear that a person you know with a few pounds too much had a heart attack and you start taking stock of yourself. However, I believe a lot of people dont have to wait for the doctor to tell them anything or for somebody to be dead, before realising that they are putting on some extra pounds and they do something about it by them self. Most often they cut back on some eating as well as put in some exercise.

Those who can afford it and have the time, join a gym, other people who have a fairly packed schedule, have no money or not into gyms do a little walking in the morning before they go to work or in the evenings when they come home. Cause lets face it, everybody is not into lifting up old iron in a gym or jumping about and shaking about them fat self to music and make a laughing-stock of themselves. Plus some people  do go and pay the gym a whole heap of money for a year or six months. Buy up all kinda expensive clothes, vitamins and protein shakes and enthusiastically go to the gym everyday for the first week, three days the next week, one day the following week, promise to go the next week & and the next week, and the next week, but dont ever get back there; and its the money that burns up instead of the fat.

So experience has taught us that the cheapest form of exercise is to walk, and  the experts and doctors say that if you could watch what you’re eating and do a little brisk walk for between half hour and an hour at least four times a week, you would be on your way to taking care of yourself.

Well I am no idiot, I do a  little walking too myself, but because of my schedule it does get fairly difficult to stick to a proper programme. Well the madam suggest that I get up an hour or so earlier on mornings and do my walking. So said so done. The first morning I get up and go  outside, it’s pitch black like the moon hasn’t paid its light bill. I was on my way back inside but the madam tells me that once I get out on the road I will see other people walking. Now this is 4:30 a.m. that I am talking about you know, and believe me, I feel the only people who should be on the road that time of morning is police and thieves.

Anyhow, I begin walking, and every bush I pass I feel like somebody is in them lurking, and now and then I would hear something behind me like a steel donkey coming with chain rattling and stomping and my heart would start racing, only to feel relief when I discover it is an early morning jogger with his house keys in his pocket.

But what I like about this walking thing is the people that you see. Sometimes you would see a group of women of about five, and they’re taking their time and walking like they are looking for something they dropped on the ground. I realise that they’re not walking for exercise, but it’s a routine time for them to gossip about the previous day. If they sleep too long, they feel like they’re missing something or that the rest would be speaking about them that day. Then you does get a lone fellow who walks as though he’s running on airplane fuel. You look back and he’s about a half mile behind you, you barely stop to tie your shoe laces and when you look up he’s half a mile in front.

Another fellow would pass you and he isn’t sweating at all plus he’s got on cologne, now he’s out looking for girls. Then you would find some heavies, who from the time they finish walking, directly head for Pangala  for a hearty breakfast to recover from all the exercise.

Still you do  see another fellow walking and he’s smiling and talking on his cell phone. I believe these are the people who do this walking thing as an excuse to get out of the house so that they could talk to the other woman bright and early.

And of course they’ve got some oldies who’re out doing this walking thing. One old guy told me this morning that he picked up walking nearly 20 years ago after he and his wife had an argument. He said that he was on the verge of doing her something wrong when a voice told him to go for a walk and cool his head, and the walk made him feel so good that from then he has walked every morning. As he said, not only is it good exercise but it helps him gather his thoughts and communicate with God for the day ahead.

Now I wish more men would do that instead of hurting the people girl children. See ya in the morning tomorrow.

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