The Dream – Electronics and Communication Engineer

Electrical Circuits and LED Outputs

Why does anything ever interest us? Have you ever wondered, why it’s that particular book that no one else fancies that interests you? Why you like collecting coins when the others don’t?

Interests just lie with us. Electronics was one such thing for me. I don’t know why but something about it fascinated me. I took electronics in my 11th grade and then when I joined engineering, I again stuck to Electronics and Communication.

Electronics and Communication literally deals with the design and practical application of machinery and equipment for efficient communication. When you’re in college, you study the subjects which will one day help you to do the above. The basic structure is divided into two – Analog and Digital. And you will study matter under both these divisions. Many subjects are going to interest you and many will make you cry in your pillows but they all groom you to be an Electronics and Communication engineer.Electronics and Communication circuit

You’ll be learning everything from the basics about how we create electric signals to how we transmit them.There is so much to learn and sometimes so little time. My favourite topics to study always remain anything digital. And we have few of the greatest teachers of Electronics and Communication engineering here in MIT, Manipal. I’m not saying everyone who’ll teach you is a genius but in the four years you are going to spend here you will meet few of the most talented and amazing professors. One of the most dreaded subjects has always remained Electromagnetic Waves. It scares everyone, even the best. But, once you pay attention and give it a very thorough read, even that becomes manageable. And, if you still can’t, “Buck and Hayt” will definitely come to your rescue. Similarly, we have Analog Circuits, which is again pretty dicey a subject, but the right teacher and “Millman” and “Godse and Bakshi” will surely get you through.

After four years, it’s not always going to be roses you know, but we have completed an excellent course which has so much to offer you. Also and MBA can greatly benefit an Electronics engineer.

You can always study more if that’s what interests you, you can probably do an in Nano technology or Power electronics or VLSI. There is so much happening in the field of electronics today, so many researches and papers are being published. There are studies about thin films and MEMS and RADAR and lately much is talked about the Goosebumps Sensor, you can work on them. Or, you could sit for your placements and try getting into either a government sector job like BSNL, ISRO, BEL, Doordarshan etc. or a private sector one like Onida, Toshiba, Panasonic, Wipro, Haier etc.

It’s not going to be easy. If it was, one-fourth the population wouldn’t want to study it. But, it will be fruitful, over the course there will be letdown and setbacks but you will come over it. It grooms you to be an Electronics and Communication Engineer.


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