Dramanon’s Comikaze III

The two plays that did stand out for me were Fate’s Steady Hands and Sure Thing.

I don’t know how many of you actually spent your Saturday evening, in the freezing cold Syndicate Golden Jubilee Hall. Really, half the time I was just thinking about my black cardigan back at home which would have saved me from the fury of the air conditioner.

But now, now, this is not about the fake, machine generated cold air. This is about Dramanon’s third annual Comikaze in Manipal. This is my first time attending this event, and I will admit, it wasn’t half that bad. From what I heard (and interviewed for TMJ) this is the first time they actually held 10 short plays instead of the usual two.

Dramanon's comikaze iii 1
The Two Plays That Did Stand Out For Me Were Fate’s Steady Hands And Sure Thing. Photo Courtesy – Ram’S Photography

To be very honest, because of this need to have ‘more’ plays, some of them fell short for me. The musical (Too Late for Happiness), which was a new introduction as well, was cute and cheesy – but not funny. I mean, if you’re going to name the event Comikaze, I obstinately, like a spoilt child, demand humour. But don’t take my word for it. Several people actually enjoyed it and I will admit one of the songs is still stuck in my head. Is it too laaaate, for happinesssss!  Tooo laaaaate –


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So Very Serious. But Hats Off To The Guy Who Played The Rottweiler, Tavish Bhattacharyya. Photo Courtesy – Ram’S Photography

And then out of nowhere, there was a drama (Borys of Rottweiler)! Say whaaa? I don’t know if there were unintentional hidden humour in it, but there were times I couldn’t help smiling despite the play being a very serious topic about a dog not being able to stand other dogs. So very serious. But hats off to the guy who played the Rottweiler, Tavish Bhattacharyya. He was spot on; his fury immaculate. He portrayed the true essence of annoyance. (Not being sarcastic here). And in the end, you managed to evoke sympathy for him for the play’s tragic end. However, I wasn’t too sure if the weird British accent was needed.

The two plays that did stand out for me were Fate’s Steady Hands and Sure Thing. They were actually pretty quirky and funny and witty and I may have snorted in between while watching them. May have.  The actors did justice to the script. I managed to talk with one of the actors, Swetanshu Bora who was in Fate’s Steady Hands who actually called his play crappy before he got onto the stage and being the cynic I am, I actually geared myself for it only to be proved wrong. I guess that’s what modesty is called…Eh, I never knew.Dramanon manipal comikaze 2012

Then of course, there were these lame and completely unnecessary plays. (I’m not going to name them, because I am not that mean.) There this was even this one play that was Bollywood-style clichéd tragic. The unexplainable twisted twist in the end was something you’d only expect Shah Rukh Khan to pull off and Farah Khan to write.

And really? Who hasn’t Youtubed ‘Goodness Gracious Me’? Shame on ya’ll! Just letting you know the first play was actually derived from that show. (You all should watch the episode where the father complains about his son’s grades. Classic.)Dramanon's comikaze iii 3

Despite how critical I may sound, Comikaze was actually kinda fun. I may, just might, who knows, attend next year’s show as well.

About the Author: Nadia Lewis is a first year student studying in MIC, Manipal. She is an Indian (Mangalorean) who’s never lived in India!

All Photos Courtesy and Copyright Ram’s Photography.

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