Dramanon COMIKAZE 2012: MB review

So very serious. But hats off to the guy who played the Rottweiler, Tavish Bhattacharyya.
Dramanon COMIKAZE 2012: MB review 1
So very serious. But hats off to the guy who played the Rottweiler, Tavish Bhattacharyya.

The Dramanon COMIKAZE play was held in the Syndicate Golden Jubilee Hall on 13th October 2012. Over 600 people turned up for this event. There were ten short plays in this event, out of which four were performed by Dramanon Manipal. The other six plays were performed by Dramanon Hyderabad and Bangalore. The quality of the acting and scripts of all the plays were excellent and the event lived up to the expectations of the audience.

1. Made In India
Good: The funny and stereotypical concept of the elderly in India trying to prove that everything that walks on earth is Indian. Ashwin, who played the father, pulled off his role brilliantly and made the crowd laugh easily. Shreyas, who played the son, also got the audience involved with his loud exclamations and witty remarks. The highlight of the play was when the father declares ‘Bullsh*t’ to be Indian.
Bad: No minus points in particular. This was one of the favorite plays of the crowd.

2. Borys the Rottweiler
Good: My favorite play of the ten. Brilliant acting by Tavish Bhattacharya as the dog. He managed to tame the crowd single handedly with his monologue. The intensity of his acting combined with the accent made this play stand out of the lot.
Bad: Many people found this as a serious play rather than being a comic play. And since some people in the crowd had come to see only comic plays they were slightly disappointed. But no one amongst them could criticize the acting.

3. Playing Dead
Good: It was melodramatic and funny! A proper masala play with the antics of an old mother (played by Dhriti), her son (played by Ashvath) and the domestic help (played by Ashwathi). The son however, turns out to a doctor, who was just taking care of a late friend’s mother. Taunting dialogues by the old lady and the meek son managed to make the crowd burst into laughter in more than one occasion.
Bad: Some people in the audience did not get the twist at the end of the play which kept them wondering.

4. He she it
Good: The chemistry between the couple was instantaneous and the witty one liners made the crowd laugh at frequent intervals. The actors, Harika and Stephen, suited perfectly for the roles.
Bad: Some people in the audience complained that this play was a bit fast for them to keep track of the arguments.

5. Fate’s steady hands
Good: This was a complete laugh riot. The moment from which Sam (played by Nakul Bhalla) enters his boss’ office in one shoe to the point where his boss Richard (played by Shwetanshu) is about to burst into flames with anger and jealously, everything was superb and funny. An easy favorite for many people in the crowd.
Bad: Can’t think of any minus points!

6. Absolution
Good: The intensity of the little boy to be evil was flawless. And the priest with his quirky remarks made people crack at once! The initial confession of the boy (played by Karan Gera) followed by the introspection by the priest (played by Bhavik Bhandari) was excellent and the crowd was full of applause by the end of the play!
Bad: Some people found the play to be a bit monotonous in between but the twists later made it lively once again.

7. Too late for happinessGood: The only musical in the event! It made the people go back into the golden old age theatre. The old man was played by Nakul Bhalla and the old lady was played by Kavita. This play had a charm of its own and majority of the people loved it.
Bad: Nothing wrong with the play as such as it provided a refreshing break from the non musicals.

8. 5 women and a billGood: An important issue which was demolished to ashes by five very stereotypical Indian women. The actors were Purva (the blonde), Astha (the politician), Lakshmi (the nerd), Ashwathi (the housewife) and Ann (the feminist). The blonde got a huge round of cheer here and there and so did the feminist at times! The politician and the housewife squabbled at times which made the crowd crack up!
Bad: There were complaints about this play where some people found it too sexist and stereotypical.

9. Sure thing
Brilliant. Favorite of the majority. The actors, Suzzane and Prashant, made people laugh by the new idea of the buzzer and showcasing different awkward situations on a first date. Ten on ten!
Bad: Nothing at all!

10. Seeing the thingGood: It was a feel good play where the guy (played by Saurabh) tries to convince his buddy (played by Priyanka) to go inside for a beer. The whole arguments lead to a wonderful kiss which made the crowd go silent and burst into applause a moment later.
Bad: Ram Sena might have a problem with the on-stage kissing but the students loved the play.

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  1. Attended this! was totally worth. Great acting and script. But sadly couldn’t watch the last two plays.. are there videos of this?

    • Yes, of course! Sorry you missed Sure Thing and Seeing The Thing.. They were both very good! Especially Sure Thing! We do have videos of the two. Thanks for the support, glad you enjoyed 🙂

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