Does Samsung Galaxy Note 6 deserve a warm welcome?

Do you think that the Galaxy Note 6 deserves a warm welcome? Don’t have an idea? Come with us, lets’ explore:

Introduction: The Galaxy Note 6 belongs to the most reputed note series of Samsung. These handsets are popularly known as a phablet, for enabling the users to pour down their emotions on the Smartphone, somewhat like a tablet. The Samsung always bring the new model with many new innovation and enhancements, hence when the launch of the new model is due they start guessing about its likely features.

Cost: Samsung doesn’t unveil the price since its products are launched in the market and we are actually able to know the price from our retailers. So at this stage we can’t say precisely about the cost. But the speculation of our expert panel indicates it to be $1200 USD/ 1063 Euro/ 767 GBP.

Releasing date: Its launch is due in the 3rd quarter of the next year, i.e. in August 2016.

Screen: The internet rumours are suggesting an amazing flexible and folded display in it. Perhaps this would give way to the trend towards folded display. The screen size could be 6” – 6.2 and the chances are that the resolution would be 3D and 4k.

Memory: We can expect to find 6B or 8GB memory in it.

Camera:The camera of the Galaxy Note 6 could have astounding features like better optical image stabilization, and superb dual camera (16Mp rear and 30Mp back). The clicking would be possibly improved with its better auto focus.

Processor: Processor could be great and could be possibly of either Samsung Exynos (16-core) or octacore Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Charging: Be ready to experience wired as well as wireless charging in this handset. The charging is likely to be fast which would help you to get complete charging in just 10 minutes.

Internal storage:Along with the existing 16/32/64/128 GB internal storage,a 256 GB option is likely to be added to it.

Battery:An awesome 4500 mAh battery is quite likely in it.

Colours:The likely colours are black/white.

Features:The specifications in this new handset would possibly as follows:

  1. Finger Print/Retina Scanner
  2. Bendable Or Foldable Display
  3. Heart Rate
  4. Spo2
  5. Sensors Barometer
  6. Thermometer
  7. Shock proof And Dust Proof
  8. Compass

Operating System:Android Marshmallow is possible in Galaxy Note 6.

Video Recording:The video recording could be available with options like 1080p @ 60 fps, 2160p @ 30 fps and 720p @ 90 fps.

Now it is for you to decide that whether Galaxy Note 6 deserves a warm welcome.

Our endeavour was to acquaint you with the most likely features of Galaxy Note 6. Trust us; it would be an incredible model as it would have many enhancements and new features. We always provide the most dependable and latest information about the tech products. For knowing them more accurately and for selecting wisely, you can visit us on a regular basis. Keep visiting us.

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