DIY Blouse Designs for A Great Campus life!

Campus life is one of the best phases of our lives. All the fun and carefree days are cherished for the years to come. Not to forget the parties and the college weeks. Oh! So, fun!!!  Decking up is an essential part of girls’ life 😉 Isn’t it gals!!!! Girlie stuffs are made up of all things beautiful, fashionable and sexy. Whether it’s an outfit, a footwear or accessories. We don’t settle just for anything. It must be “Special” for us to get enticed!

Sarees are a versatile wear. From traditional ceremonies to parties to college functions. They fit in every occasion. And why not! The vibrancy a saree has, can hardly be matched with any other outfit. You can wear them for your birthday, your buddy’s birthday, ceremonies, temples, family dinner, accompanying your mom to someone’s wedding, cultural fests etc. etc. etc.…as many as occasions, as many as your moods! Here’s a gallery of blouse designs arranged for you.

The below infographic is just about to show you how. There are plenty of designs in necklines, back blouse and sleeves designs. You just have to print it out and choose among those designs and put it together. Voila! Your designer blouse is ready. You need not look out for an expensive boutique or an online shopping site. It won’t cost you a bomb.

Get creative and Do It Yourself; for the joy of accomplishment is drool worthy!



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  1. Great post !!(DIY Blouse Designs for A Great Campus life!) Keep up the spirit. This content is definitely for reading..

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