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You must be getting tired of hearing the doctor and the people who matter to you the most asking you to stop smoking. However, you can’t imagine a life without nicotine flavor. If that’s the case, an electronic cigarette will help satisfy your nicotine needs saving you the stress of deteriorating health. You can check out for great e-cigs deals available in the market today.

Quitting smoking doesn’t happen overnight, and this is where vaping comes in. It is aimed at helping smokers to reduce or completely quit addictive smoking habits. To start vaping, the right information on how to go about it all is what you need to begin an enjoyable vaping journey. Here are tips that will help you get started;

An E cigarette comes in different types and strengths. This is a good thing now that you will have a variety to choose from. Some include;


This is a type of e-cig that you will first have to refill with some e-liquid after which you swap the coils meant to heat the e-liquid to release a sweet vapor. Refillable is a term that is commonly used to all the electronic cigarette devices that do not fall under the disposable category or the dry herb vaporizers. Refillable are quite prominent across the globe thanks to their prolonged battery life. Such e-cigs practically give you maximum control over your vape experience. Currently, refillable e-cigs are being termed as Mods standing for modified e-cigarettes.


These devices are slowly fading as a result of their short-lived battery life not to mention that they have a lower vapor production. However, for the first-timers, a disposable e-cig is a good bet in that it is cost-effective. In most cases, you will come across disposables that feel and look the same as the real cigarette. This makes the transition from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping effortless. Vapers can confirm to you that the fun that comes with using a disposable e-cig cannot be underrated.

Starter Kits

The largest percentage of first time vapers tends to go for disposable devices. However, after getting used to vaping, a desire to use a much better device arises. At this juncture, starter kits are the way to go. They are known to have a superb battery and power of course.

Advanced kits

 There have been several cases of smokers who have made efforts to quit smoking by using vaping as a substitute. Unfortunately, they give up along the way concluding that vaping is not their thing. As a result, they slip back to addictive smoking habits. If you are a victim of this, then all is not lost. All you need is an advanced kit that boasts of powerful battery life offering you substantial vape time. For instance, Drippers and box mods popularity is growing at such a fast pace.

To sum it up, the electronic cigarette you settle for depends on your past smoking routine/habit. Some tobacco users prefer a lighter throat hit while others can only settle for the strongest available. Whichever way, just ensure you understand your needs to enjoy your vape experience.

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