Dialogue in the Dark – Sai Santosh Somuri


Dialogue in the dark - sai santosh somuri 1
I went there to attend a program named “Dialogue in the dark”.


After paying them the price for a ticket,

I was given a blind companion

Who was to guide me in the dark, where I myself would become blind!


Though both of us had a stick each,

I stumbled behind while he walked on smoothly.


We first heard some obscure birds chirping,

My companion easily differentiating and explaining.


The various potted greens we touched on our way

Were all named so faultlessly to me by him.


After crossing a slightly oscillating bridge

Whose fatigue is intended to exercise my sense of strength of self balance…



We entered the second phase where

My companion would also start being silent and indifferent,

And I myself should do the entire doing.


I was directed towards a series of cup boards

Though slowly, I could identify all the

Brushes, shampoos, soaps and towels faultlessly.


It became more difficult as I moved further

For I had to identify the aromatic

Cloves, cinnamon and cardamom only by aroma.


It became still difficult as

The canteen inside wanted me to

Buy things naturally, i.e. using money and

Money? How could I

Know which note I was giving?

“By touch!” replied my companion breaking his silence

With a triumphant look, sorry a triumphant voice.


I finally passed the last part of my journey and

Stepped out of that flooded darkness,

Knowing enough the life of my eyeless counterparts, the blind,

Understanding the circumstances that reinforced their innate accuracy,


It was really a “wonderland”

It gave me a great recreation to my senses, especially rest to the eye,

It gave me a good knowledge of certain things that

I left the place with a clear picture of what I should do

When there is a power cut in my home and

When I should remain all alone in darkness.

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