Destruction of Manipal as we knew it.

The Cost of Development.

If you recall my post on First Views of Manipal, the one thing you notice as soon as you step out is ““Holy F$#% that’s a lot of green!””.   It was there for ages.  Until about 3 years back when the development revolution started.  First things first, I’m not a environmentalist.  Nor have I really made a point on any environmental destruction ever.  But after what I’ve seen here it’s just disturbing.  For example I’ve added these images of this place right next to my building.  It used to be a small movie theater at one point as I found out. Covered by trees.  A building came up next to that one and all of a sudden I realized that they started hacking away at the trees there.  Look at the gallery from images 1 – 4.  Just a sequence of what happened. 

They made this fantastic set of land with so many trees and green into what it appears not to be a waste land.  I realize that this will be used now to put up another high rise in Manipal.  As if we don’t have enough.  Do you all recall End point?  Recall how gorgeous it used to be?  This is what stands in the middle now:

30 nostalgic photos of manipal 1997 to 2001
End Point

Now motorcycles are not allowed all the way to the end.  I can agree with that. No prob.  What MAHE has done by making the whole park in the end? I can agree to that also up to a level.  The security that was there before was horrible, reports of crimes committed used to abound there.  At least is less.  But at the end of it, the beauty that was end point.  Has been completely lost. 

30 nostalgic photos of manipal 1997 to 2001
High Rises

When you come back from it you notice this next to you.  A full selection of high-rises that stretches as far as you can notice.  There is another 25 Floor one coming up.  These easily house thousands.  

What is the point of this post?  Am I cribbing about the development here?

Absolutely not.  It’s would’ve happened.  It’s needed.  It’s business.  What I’m cribbing about is the absolute zero consideration for the environment that’s become  a bench mark in Manipal.  It’s become the “Dubai” of India.  All these trees, all that green has been cut down without a single thought on replenishing the environment.  I used to love the shade that was provided by the trees next to my house which is not there anymore.  It’s relishing driving under a forest of trees.  Again something I won’t experience again.  


I’m no weather expert here but people that have been here for 5 years or so at least can attest that in the past 3 years the weather has changed considerably.  It’s much hotter in summer. The rain’s are less compared to before and they are much more erratic.  I’m all for development but one thing these individuals need to fabricate in their buildings is planting some trees, giving back.  Instead of just hacking everything down and leaving it barren.  How long before it would actually be just barren at this rate?




  1. lol, dubai was never green to start off with . 

    it s always been barren and brown. 

    One of the most relevant posts ever on this forum . 

  2. I have been here for the past 5 years. The climate has not changed. We have the typical rainy tropical climate with an average of 4000  mm /year. But, yes the environment has deteriorated. More of littering, and more of ugly high rise buildings. The builder mafia is tearing apart the green tops of this  once  quaint little lovely town. Someone should initiate a movement to regulate the unplanned growth of Manipal. This town does not have the carrying capacity to take on exponential growth in population. If this goes on unchecked, very soon we will see the main market street in Manipal as congested as Andheri in Mumbai is. 

  3. high rise buildings are good as rest of the space is left for greenery. there should be few ( 20 – 50) 100 floors buildings if its possible.

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