The Department Rules !

This is our new colleague Dr.Samik who took a transfer from the Department of pathology. Here he is smiling on the first day of joining the department. this is the usual look on anyone who comes to the department for the first time. A happy, satisfied look as all the guys make you feel very comfortable.With nothing much to do for the first two months, this is the way we pass time in the department. Her Prabhav is doing one of his Mr.Bean acts while playing the addictive ExplodeA game on his mobile.This is what happens by day 10 of your stay in the Department. Samik, the happy guy is dozing away as the monsoon hits Manipal. Even the don could not resist sleep and the Pharma times is chucked away for a blissful time with sleep. Ashwin is the only person who somehow manages to stay occupied the entire time and is regularly updating his knowledge. This is one of the times when he was seen without any work on his hands.Dr. Meena played a good practical joke on us the first day she joined as Assistant Professor in the department. She just cleared her exams a month back and joined the college. she joins a long list of fun loving students who pass from the college and return as staff, to teach more fun to the newer batches. No we are not in uniform. Just one of those days when we arrived wearing the same colored clothing. But i guess it looks great. Just to assure you that there is no uniform for the PG students. this was clicked on another day when thankfully we did not wear similar looking clothes.

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