Delphic Love- Entry no 22(Paranormal Romance)

“so what if I don’t have friends, you both are always there for me”, a 16 year old girl told her dolls, eyes gleaming with tears . Sophie was a troubled child, neglected by her working parents and her arrogant classmates.  Jack and Kate were her only companions. Her grandma gifted them to her when she was 2 and since then she personified them, embodied them as her friend. As years passed by she cloistered herself from every kind of relationship, be it friendship or the special one. She became a forlorn and spent more and more time with her dolls.

One night, as usual Sophie lay there on her bed feeling sequestered and gloom, thinking about what lay in her future. Suddenly a voice was heard, as seductive and mesmerizing as it can be. Sophie turned and was left awestruck, Jack moved blinking his gorgeous big eyes speaking to her. Astonished Sophie moved towards Jack, finding it hard to conceive the thought that a lifeless object was moving in front of her. Jack pitied on Sophie, confessed his love showing his care for her. She, always bereft of love, felt wanted, felt alive. Sophie poured her heart into Jack believing him to be her fondler. As days passed, their love for each other unfolded and bloomed. They made compassionate love to each other every night. Jack’s presence left his imprint not only on Sophie’s heart but on her body as well. His every touch, every gesture, every kiss was divine to her.  Sophie was happy again, smiling. She became possessive about jack, carried him everywhere, nobody was allowed to touch him. Kate was shredded into pieces and stuffed somewhere in the attic. But her mother was scared, as Sophie’s body was scarred and bruised every morning. Petrified she sent her away to a boarding school and hid Jack somewhere so that Sophie could never find him. Now she is in a mental asylum still shrinking violet with only one memory…. Jack’s embrace upon her.

Was it actually Sophie’s lunacy? Her hallucinations? Or was it some unexplained truth cryptically lying in this mystic world, yet to be discovered and unveiled!

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