Database Applications for Small Businesses

Why is a database pivotal to the ongoing success of any business? As technology and business learning develop at rapid speeds, a good database management system is key to the success of every small business. Whether this is collecting basic customer information, important sales data, or accounting services, having a database application to collect and store this data is crucial for small businesses. centralizes your data with a real-time dashboard for 24/7 access to your contact center metrics.

The function of a database application is to allow data to be entered and retrieved on command. This plays a part in many aspects of daily operations. Forecasting on future revenue can be determined through a simple database query on year-on-year (YoY) sales, in addition, targeted marketing campaigns can be based on customer profile queries like age, demographic, or location. Even functions like accounts, payroll, inventory management, and staffing can be managed through a good database application.

How to Choose a Database Application

Knowing what database application is best for your small business will depend on what data you plan to collect and understand how you will use that data. Research is key to choosing a database application. Is it SQL-based or more like a complex spreadsheet of information? Is it NoSQL which is more like a folder system similar to your computer’s hard drive setup? You also need to look at the database design for the security and scalability of your system. Will your data be protected? Is it easy to use? Will it grow as your business grows?

There is an investment in time and money, so making the right choice is vital.

Speaking with expert web developers like Endertech will help you answer these questions, give you some insight and help you set up your database application. Learn the basics of database application and why it’s important, then marry this up to your requirements. Consider these three points in your decision-making process:

  • Performance – can it handle the load of data? Will it be quick and responsive?
  • Security – is the data protected from viruses? Does it meet relevant legislation such as GDRP?
  • Maintenance – ensure it is robust and won’t break.

A Database Application In UseDatabase applications

For Lambada Solutions, database applications are key for the development and success of their eLearning for business solutions. Lambada Solutions products and services provide online training, coaching and course creation for businesses to on-sell to clients. Their philosophy is “Delivering eLearning success through open source technology, extreme customer service, top-to-bottom integration, and true cloud hosting that reduces costs and increases ROI.”

This not only gives a business an e-learning platform to create and sell an online course, but through their database application, the user can collect important data through Lambada Analytics. Through their dashboards, users can see learner and course activity through time-saving, automated reports that can be delivered to the user on a regular basis. The success of their product has seen over 32,000 users and 2 million learners globally.

Is Your Database Application Future-proof?Database Applications analytics

Database applications continue to improve and upgrade just like any other computer system. Data scientists employ new skills every day to improve the way database applications are designed. From cloud-based servers to the rise of A.I. to being written in new coding languages such as Python using NumPy arrays, when choosing the right application for your business, you need to know it will perform reliably now and into the future.

There’s a reason why in business they say “data is king”. The insights and analytics can shape the future of your business. A robust database system will make your business life simpler, but take your time and do the research. In the end, it will be the foundation on which you can grow and succeed.

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