Dance With the Devil's Wife – Abhineet Pandey

The deepest yearns of a shallow heart
The chill, fire brings
Bliss of poison that never came
As blunt as the tip of the sharpest sword
And breathing life like the dead
Shrill silence always heard
Flowers replaced by thorns
The sweetness of pain
The wicked pleasure in grief
Awaits me in the Devil’s playground

I reside in hell with flames to tell
How brimstone cuts through me
The shales of contradiction pierces the world of make belief
Duality dominates the mortal Earth
The place I dwell to reap my soul
Where true is false and the false is truth
This fire is now my zenith

In the middle of the night, when all is quiet
I hear the crackling flames, of fury deep inside
As the ashes wash over
I will have my answers
The walk through the scorching gallows
Is worth all the wait

Beautiful as the morning star
The divine image of a beloved right from my heart
Our eyes meet and search deep inside
The flames burn brighter in her eyes
And my desires claw at me like a knife
For I have fallen in love with the Devil’s wife

She pulls me within, a lovely caress
I take her by the waist, she doesn’t resist
A click of her fingers on that night long
Slowly begins to play the funeral song
She takes my hand and our flesh fuses
A scream of pain and she refuses
To relent her grip as her nails find me
Engraving deep marks of the sins of my deeds
We are one … as we tryst together
The chill of her breath seems to grow forever

“You don’t walk over the Lover of Death himself …
Love is your wish and you are mine …
Should’ve thought before crossing Death’s line …”

Her lips meet mine, she savors my blood
Love does turn cruel when it turns to lust
The waltz on the floor of hell itself
I am blinded by her thoughts to even feel the pain
I scatter broken stars, on which we dance to my death
She poisons my being with her black love
Slowly as she robs me off my soul
Her feet moving as she searches my heart for elixir
Such was the night amidst the strife
A Dance with the Devil’s wife

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