Cross-country Moving Mistakes to Avoid

in chicago Packing and moving in cardboard boxes cross-country

Confusion escalating into chaos—imagine a scene where you’re ready to unpack your belongings in your new apartment. You’re in a new city, and you just arrived with your stuff ferried by a full-service cross-country mover. Everything ran smoothly, and you were able to rest easy during the trip. When you were getting ready to make the bed and call it a day, you realized the boxes were not labeled. Where did you place the sheets?

Keep it fresh, do it right

Failing to put labels on the boxes can be a huge hiccup, but it’s not that bad. There are many other potential mistakes you can make that could cost you time and money. You’d want to avoid these pitfalls if you want to relocate with optimism and a fresh start.

To err is not divine

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is deciding to do it on your own. You may be the best organizer in town, and you might have the strength required to haul everything. Perhaps you have all the time in the world to pack all the things you own and take care of all the preparations. Yet, a DIY move is not the smartest choice to make. It won’t be as cheap as you hoped it would be as well. You’re better off with the help of experienced cross-country movers in myrtle beach. Remember, it’s not nearly as manageable as moving to an apartment in the next block. You’re crossing a few states over, and you must find the best help available.

Packing like crazy

Packing tape over a cardboard box

If you’re the type of person who cannot pack a box properly, you must consider getting help from friends who have a talent for it. Disorganized packing can cost you precious time. You don’t want to spend the first week in the new city looking for specific items among a host of boxes and bags packed haphazardly. Set aside a time during the day (or night) to sort your things. Decide which of your personal belongings to store, give away, and bring with you to your new place.

If you’ve been living for a long time at one place, its most likely that your garage/shed/home would have accumulates trash and junk. You would notice that you do not require most of the stuff you accumulated only during the moving time.  Renting a dumpster or finding the Best Deal Dumpsters is a convenient way to lighten the load when moving.

Forgetting about perishables

On moving day, everything is ready. Your bags and boxes are packed. You’re ready to go. Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten about the contents of the refrigerator. One of the movers was starting to secure it with rope when things started toppling inside. What a mess! You’re lucky if it takes you just an hour cleaning everything up. Too bad the food that’s left there had to go to the dumpster. To avoid this mishap, you must prepare a list of tasks to do the week before, the day before, and on the day itself. In this way, you have a reference for immediate and priority duties and when these tasks are due.

Lastly, consider moving between October to May. Most Americans set their clocks on a summer long-distance move for practical and logistical reasons. Summer is the “rush hour” for movers, and they may set higher rates during the season. Choose wisely when you move and plan every step of the way to a new and better life.

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