Cosmically yours- Entry no 4(Paranormal Romance)

“Kate, if there were just three words I could ever say in my lifetime then it would be ‘I love you’” That’s how I had unleashed my love for her.

I tripped over her while I was walking towards the coffee shop one day fumbling for the papers in my bag. That was just the beginning of hours together at café, movies and cuddly evenings.

“You are different Kate. I mean there’s this heavenly sparkle in you, which is mesmerizing!! “I said to Kate one day. “Well that’s because I’m from parallel universe. You know, ditto like this one”, chuckled Kate.

Something horrendous happened one evening, Kate abruptly held my hands and whispered “Find my note in your favorite book. Remember, I love you” and she vanished into bright light right in front of me. I was traumatized. Groping through my fav novel “Notebook”, found a letter:

Dear Liam,

I undeniably hail from parallel universe and have no reason how I landed up here. Falling for you wasn’t what I intended this journey to be however I did feel this was destined.

Lest you are fortunate you may find my replica in your universe and I may find yours in mine.



It did take ages for heartbreak to subside. Reminiscences of Kate inspired me to write our story which was perceptibly discouraged by publishers who thought it was baseless storyline.
Nonetheless my efforts were finally answered by a phone call from young and aspiring publisher. I knocked on the door engraved with the name plate that said Ms. Samantha.
“Mr. Liam? Hello..” said she amiably. I walked ahead only to find that she was the replica of my Kate.
Suppressing tears, I secretly wished “Kate, I found your replica and I hope you found mine”.

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