COOL DuDe by Dr. Satyam Kapoor

Everybody has this one person in their batch or a bunch they’d grudgingly believe are just so COOL. It happens  in every college; in every stream. In Manipal and Mangalore it just achieves a whole new level coz you get exposed to folks from all across the vast dimensions of India. It’s a heady concoction. Those from small towns really have a steep exposure curve so to say. Stuff that back home could be bordering on blasphemous suddenly is the new normal. But more than the sights, sounds and environs it’s the COOL DuDe  that one gets totally dazzled by. So what are the traits….

Rockstar sounding name: It always helps if you are named Jim, Michael etc. We Indians are so in awe of the west, its to be expected. Even a real name that can be shortened to a cool nickname would do. Like someone said… Go away you American but take me with you. Just encapsulates how we feel about the west…paradox anyone….

The unkempt look: Hmm… I think there is some strange mysticism that comes free with a thick uncombed mop, specially if curly and accompanied by a small frenchie… I was corrected by a smart ass who said in a husky accent … stubble….

Death Metal: I tried hard but could never get myself to like the noise that ground through your ears even as the half stoned singers invoked Satan or flung abuses in the name of lyrics. But i did blow close to 2 grand once in Bangalore on acquiring such music….. have it even today on an old hard disk… locked away….

With Us or……. well if you aint with them then you aint with IT. The dude always moves in a carefully selected group that was a coterie meant to keep the cool factor a state secret. you’ll slowly figure out that the friendship is just about; I’m cooler than thou…..No real feelings bro…..its just for show…..

Dont know Dont care: This was the hallmark. The dude will make you believe he doesn’t give a dime about what people say or think. He is the law, he is the last word. Fashion, technology or life. The carefree attitude is awe-inspiring but over time its easy to see beyond the  façade is a deep insecurity rife with sky-high ambitions.

There was this yearning I felt gnawing at the innards to project an image howsoever false. Pretty soon the image blurs and  you suddenly realize being simple is more comfortable than being COOL.

It’s not the Acid washed jacket or the 6 string but the swagger that you carry them with that matters… and that’s 100% natural……

MANTRA:       Don’t Walk as if you own the world, walk as if you don’t care who does…

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