Conscendo 7.0 – An Affair of the Grandest Scale

Apeksha Maithal and Aashi Agrawal | Staff Bloggers

The 15th of February,2018 saw the 7th edition of Conscendo – the flagship Management fest of the Department of Commerce, MAHE, inaugurated in the M.V Seminar Hall. The two day affair involved imitation of the corporate scenario in their business schools giving a hands on experience for the participants to know what goes on outside school. The aptly chosen 7 Deadly Sins  fit in nicely with the 7th edition of the fest that saw around 10 colleges from different parts of the country participating.

There were a total of five rounds held on each day of the fest, divided under practical and finance categories revolving around all the aspects starting from labour welfare till making policies for a company. The most interesting part of this extravagant fest was Business Management finals- the best manger round, a mixture all the rounds, namely finance, marketing, and HR which also had Aditi Mittal as a judge.

The fest was given a head start by a highly inspirational presentation on Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s achievements. This was followed by lighting of the lamp by the jury of guests,which consisted of Col. Ashok Kelini, Mr. Anant Srivaasan, and Mr. Sujit Prabhakar.

The chief guest of the event, Prof. Ravendra Shenoy boosted the enthusiasm of the participants and students with his gripping story of how he met and worked with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.The series of meetings he had with him before the Kargil War,on the Army Day reception.

The Social Partners for the event, the Volunteer Services Organization conducted a Digital Financial Inclusion session moderated by Prof. Praveen Kumar, at the Academy School, Manipal to get the next generation of Managers ready in time to take on the world. The children aged 5-14 enjoyed the session thoroughly and the social consciousness of the event was met with praise everywhere.

4 finalists were selected after 2 days of continuous knockout rounds. Whole one and half hour was a sheer bliss of entertainment for audience which was visible from the enthusiasm in the voices. Starting from calling each of them one by one on the stage, asking them to do belly dancing, tiger dancing or dancing like Michael Jackson was such a hilarious sight that people couldn’t stop laughing. their attire was a main topic of discussion in the jury. Contestants were so flabbergasted with the amount of logical questions coming to them like spears and making them lose points on every hesitation they provided in their answers. With every wrong answers spilling the bean from their mouth became the “oohhs” and “aahs” of audience made the sarcasm level of judges attain a different peak and made them the highlight of the whole event. The hard work done by the jury by asking logical questions  “2+2÷2=?”, “Which month has 28 days?” And some general questions related to our mother India to prove that each of them, standing to the stage, isn’t worthy enough to be called a manager was paid off from the respect they gained by every person sitting there, and every finalist was trying hard to impress them by entertaining them in different ways like proposing a girl in a creative way, becoming Katrina or Aishwarya to sell their products.

The 2 day event ended with a hilarious slapstick by Ms Aditi Mittal who in her ever charming way captivated the audience and left them gripping their tummies for dear life. One for the ages, the 7th edition of Conscendo was an affair of the grandest scale!

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