Conclave Focus: Prajakta Koli

Three years ago, the fervor for Youtube, which was an upcoming digital platform back then, took on me as a young aspiring content creator. During a ‘marathon viewing’ session of YouTube videos, a recommendation sprang up on my screen- ‘Types of Singles On Valentine’s Day’. I watched the recommended video. Impressed! half way through the video, my thumb pressed the subscribe button not knowing that it was opening me a world of  this new age content creator called Prajakta Koli. Since then, I can say that I have watched every single video she has made. What makes my feet jiggle is that this newbie Youtuber three years back is all set to show up as India’s topmost female YouTuber at the Manipal Conclave.
Prajakta Koli is a 25 year old Mumbai based YouTuber of the channel MostlySane boasting a 2 million plus subscriber count. Her content mostly touches upon comedy skits and sketches. She posts videos every Tuesday under the name ‘Real Talk Tuesday’ in which she talks about social issues, reviews books and movies she likes and motivates viewers with her flamboyant speaking skills. The videos Prajakta posts on Saturdays are called ‘Sawaal Saturday’ in which she answers questions asked by her fans. Prajakta Koli is a name attached to the uprise against body shaming and cyber bullying. She has always condemned internet trolls and emphasised upon the right to work in an environment scrubbed of negativity.
Prajakta Koli is going places due to her originality of content. She collaborates with topmost actors and content creators on her channel. Her blog articles are some must read ones. Prajakta’s hit number ‘Shameless’ only adds to the list of talents she has. One can find a drastic change in the growth of her channel three years back and today. What I have learned from Prajakta is that the more you expose yourself to the field of your interest, the more you learn and the more you grow. It clearly reflects in her personality that how confident a person can be once he disowns his comfort zones and tries to put efforts in personal development. Manipal is already elevated to welcome the queen of YouTube. Be ready for this youth sensation to entice your mind to blow up in awe. Until then love love!

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