Comparison between blogging platforms and Affimity

So, Facebook and Twitter are ruling the social media numbers for a long time now. It is obvious that this monopoly will take some time to be broken and I was wondering if there are any other platforms that may be able to break this hegemony.

I did a brief survey across a few platforms I frequent and came across this name ‘Affimity’, which a few of my colleagues and friends suggested is a cool way of sharing stuff and making friends along the way. So, I decided to check it out and this short article is what I found out, by using it for the past couple of days:

Affimity Profile ManipalBlog

As can be seen in the above snapshot, they are still in Beta, and our profile is quite simple, and much like Twitter, there are followers and people you follow. You can also make friends, and this is displayed in your profile. Where, Affimity differs from both Facebook and Twitter, is in the way the timeline appears. It feels more like a blogging platform, but also contains feeds from other people who share wonderful stuff.

You don’t have to know anyone to share stuff. It’s way cooler, because all your posts can be categorized into different channels and these channels are accessed by people interested in them. So, if you share something cool, it is noticed quite immediately and generate good amount of traffic to your website.

Affimity Channels

As Affimity is the largest social blogging platform that lets you share your content with passionate people all over the world, it acts as the meeting point of passion (affinity) and friendship (amity).

If like me, you are into wellness and are a wellness blogger, the best audience for you is people who are passionate about staying fit and healthy. Now, how will you find so many fitness enthusiasts who will be interested in reading your blog or content? The answer is Affimity.

You can find channels in affimity, designed for people sharing a common passion. So you just need to go to the fitness channel of affimity and post your content. And voila! You would get plenty of likes and comments if your content is interesting. At the same time, you would also be able to connect with like-minded people who share your passion and make some good friends.

My Affimity

I posted 4 posts on Affimity and within a few minutes of each post as seen in the above screenshot, I had a good amount of likes and lots of comments, beating the best of my expectations. Of course, one must keep the content interesting enough for people to like it and interact with it.

Because Affimity has an international user base, you get an audience as soon as you start sharing content, which is not possible with the other blogging platforms. You can also take the advantage of Affimity if you already have a blog and want to attract genuine readers. You just need to post your content to relevant channels and you will surely get good results.

So, this is a good platform to share your content and get some eyeballs to your thoughts. Just remember to find us @manipalblog and say hi 🙂 ! We’ll be looking out for you!

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