Common Cold: Manipal Nurse Advice Every Sunday

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If you have a common cold and fail to take care of it you may be leaving yourself wide open to any or many upper respiratory infections that could make you really sick says the Manipal Nurse.
The Manipal Nurse wants everyone to be aware of possible complications from a simple cold. “I feel everyone, including faculty, need to be aware that a cold can become quite serious if not taken care of. Possible complications include bronchitis, laryngitis and strep throat.”

When you realize that you’re coming down with a cold, you should immediately start to take care of it. You should get plenty of rest, eat properly and drink large amounts of fluids. You should start to show some improvement after five days. If not, it’s possible you have something more serious than a cold. You should seek medical attention at this point and avoid close contact with others, as you may be infectious, says the Manipal Nurse.
Lifestyles have a lot to do with your health. If you stay out all night drinking and partying, your body’s resistance to disease is lowered considerably. When you’re partying, you’re not eating right. You’re not getting enough sleep; if you start to catch a cold, you should stay home. It won’t kill you.
This happens every year. We start to notice it about mid January and late June. If people understand how to prevent this, it will get better, ” says the Manipal Nurse.

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