Cleaning Tips for Long lasting Knives Sharpness


Kitchen knives are essential in your kitchen. You would find it hard to mince your ingredients without a good set of kitchen knives. But unfortunately, I don’t know precisely how many people know how to maintain their blades. If you do not and would like to make your knives last longer, here are some tips on taking care of your knife set.

Cleaning in between Use  

There’s really no need to have powerful cleaning in between use. You can just wash it with mild dishwashing fluid, clean and do not forget to wipe it dry before using it again. You have to do that, especially when you’re using it between beef and plants. Never use an unwashed knife.

kitchen knife set
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Cleaning Hard leftovers

You can clean your kitchen knife with a soft bristle brush. Lay your kitchen knife flat on the sink and brush it until the remains are gone. Washing your knife straight after use is generally better since food can injure your blade when you leave it.

Cleaning after Use 

Make sure that you mostly wash your knives after use. Do not let it sit in your sink for a considerable time. Water damages steel, regardless of whether it is good chrome. Secondly, food that remains on your knife harbors unhygienic germs.

Cleaning For Storage 

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Remember to clean your kitchen knife set before storing it. Also, NEVER air-dry your kitchen knives. You should always use dry fabric to dry your knives after use. Besides, that deters water drips, mainly when your knife block is away from the kitchen and is in your island cart.

Dishwasher Cleaning

Some products claim their knives are dishwasher friendly. They are as long as you place them correctly in the dishwasher. However, remember that all those alternative utensils would knock your knife’s blade. That would undoubtedly make your knife dingy in the long run. Well, if you have a good knife sharpener, you actually have to make use of that more often.

Other Safety Tips

Don’t use a sponge while you clean your knife floating in a sink with bubbles. It would positively hurt your sponge, but aside from that, it may cut your finger too. So, always wash your knife separately with your other dinnerware and implements.

You’ll indeed have a good long-lasting Kitchen knife set if you look after them. You wouldn’t just have a good knife; cleaning and drying your knife quickly have health benefits too. Watch out with your blades. Even the tiniest one, it could cut you badly.

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