Centerstage Review: Error 404 by ADA

ADA Dramatics, of Manipal Institute of Technology, presented its main production for the semester with ‘Error-404’, a two play event on the 4th of November in TMA Pai halls.

The evening started off with ‘The Virtuous Burglar’ as the first play. This English play was originally written by Daario Fo. A situational comedy ensued as a burglar got caught in the crossfire between a cheating husband and wife. With multiple characters coming in with their own quirks and adding on to the drama, they managed to crack up the audience with their acting, dialogues and mannerisms.
Akash Ramesh essayed the role of the burglar virtuously. The direction team headed by Riddhima Singh made sure that the play went smoothly.
Second in line was ‘Kalpana’, a self-written Hindi play. The play revolved around the life of a painter post her divorce, her equation with her children and a newfound love. The raw emotions portrayed on the stage played with the audience’s heartstrings. With every transition, the crowd was left waiting for more.
All the actors played their parts to perfection. The direction team which was also behind the script did an excellent job with the execution. The lights and sounds which were managed by the crew complemented the scenes in both the plays.
The event ended on a high as the audience got up for a standing ovation as the sound of clapping echoed through the hall. After a vote of thanks every member of all the departments, be it acting, direction, photography and videography, sets, music, management or sponsorship, who contributed towards the success of the plays was called up on the stage.

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