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The Real-Barca love story

Real Madrid Vs Barcelona: the El Classico, so much history, so much passion, so much rivalry. The latest match just happened some days back when Barca took on Real Madrid at Camp Nou. There are many intense rivalries like Partizan


Climate Refugees

For several years, humans have kept themselves moving from one place to another in search of better living conditions. Migration for the attainment of better lifestyle and better opportunities is what is persistent till now but have you heard about

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Inside the Pulwama Attack

Valentine’s day is never going to be the day that marks love for the family of those thirty martyrs who have lost their lives in the attacks of Pulvama last evening. If you look at the principles of Gandhi, an

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Youth Participation in Elections

India being the largest democracy, the people get to choose whom they want governance from. Through the process of voting, they express their likes and dislikes. In this methodology, the whole of the Indian population above 18 years of age,