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Short Stories

Lost: Short Story

The crimson pink sky came alive, carrying with it the awes and sighs of everyone who looked at it. It was spread out so vast, like a wide playground for the clouds to play cricket or soccer even that you […]

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Short Stories

The Myth

Author’s Note: The story below is a short fantasy story set in Hyderabad.   The ghost of a man. His name is Majzoob. You might have seen him. Then again, you might not. Think of him as a ghost, one […]

Short Stories

Not Another Werewolf Story

It was far well into October- the spooky season. Rows and rows of houses stood decorated with carved pumpkins with creepy grins, toilet paper, and skeletons. Endless pranks and jumpscares wherever you go and kids, all dressed up, trick or […]

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Art and Culture

The Female Odiyan Volume 2

Sreedevi gave all her gold to Maniyan in return for his service. Maniyan started procuring all the materials which were needed for the Odividya ritual. Sreedevi would spend some time every day, watching Maniyan transform into various animals such as […]