Lost: Short Story

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The crimson pink sky came alive, carrying with it the awes and sighs of everyone who looked at it. It was spread out so vast, like a wide playground for the clouds to play cricket or soccer even that you could get lost. Just around the ends, it touched purple and merged with it to flaunt a dark fuchsia. The ethereal evening sky rose a deep sense of admiration for God and his paintbrush in the hearts of the viewers.

In an attempt to accessorize the aesthetics of the sky, a trail of fireworks burst open. It looked almost as if someone hurled pockets of color at the sky. The fireworks reached for the sky with all their force, screaming with delight as they fragmented into sparks. Dark, daring red sparks held hands with occur yellow, creating a perfect impression of an inferno. In contrast to this, playful artic blue brought a sense of calm to the scenery.

Emerald green, orange, and silver played their part as supporting actors for the movie the fireworks presented. The scene shimmered with a touch of gold here and there. It looked like a paradise; it could make one wonder what could go wrong under this magnificent sky.

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Below the fantastic sky lay a street dancing with glee. A street dressed up with lights on every corner. The excited babble wafted in the eventful evening. People strolled around with popcorn and fries. The atmosphere was filled with people shrieking with amusement as their hands clutched the handle of the roller coaster. It was a carnival, after all.

A little girl stared at the marvelous show the evening put up with her eyes gleaming. In the scene of gaiety, she felt like an outsider as her heart twitched with pain and longing. In the middle of the merriment, she felt her sadness had nowhere to be.

She forced her tired legs to move amidst the cheerful crowd, stopping only to look at the girl with plain black hair barely managing to ride the mechanical bull. She screamed every now and then but kept going on anyway. When the bull came to an abrupt halt, a cheer from the crowd erupted for the girl whose hair was all messed up and wild now.

The little girl, with her stomach groaning with hunger, was distracted by the aroma of fried fritters. She looked in the direction of scent to see a small slot, where a tired-looking woman wiped her sweaty forehead with one hand while the fritters in her pan sizzled.

The little girl dragged her teddy bear away from the tempting scene. She reached the lonely bench and hoped a little to sit on it. She placed her teddy bear beside her, caressing its soft surface every time. A tear escaped her right eye as the screams of her happy mother played in her mind when she managed to win the teddy for her little daughter earlier that evening. The alone girl, sitting on the bench, then toyed with her hair while her legs let a sigh of relief from moving all evening long.

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She had seen people everywhere all evening, some on the roller coasters, some trying their luck with the archery games, while some just held the hands of their partners and shared cotton candies. She saw a lady with three piercings on her left ear and none on her left. She was surprised by the woman who had a volcano of red on her head, and she bumped into a young man who had bent into tying his shoes. Her moist eyes looked everywhere, saw all kinds of people, but did not find her.

She was lost, almost praying to God for a map that could lead her to her mother. The screams for her mother went unanswered. Almost as if her screams of despair were shushed down by the liveliness of the evening.

The little girl sat in the company of her teddy bear with her legs swinging on the bench. She let out a helpless sigh, her image screaming exhaustion, as her eyes waited to land on her mother.

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