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Taking time to ponder life-changing decisions is normal, so don’t worry. But you do need to beauty school – outside the box act at some point. So let’s think outside the box a bit to get a better perspective on what you can do with a cosmetology education. It can indeed change your life!

There are two central things to keep in mind while choosing cosmetology as a career option. First, think outside the box. Cosmetology does not always mean hairstyling alone…more on that later. Second, you need to plan, and you need to want it. Okay, that’s kind of three things, but they are very important nonetheless. The reason I emphasize this is to remember that to dream big, you need to work hard. Nothing gets handed to you.

Ask any successful person how they became rich and famous, and they undoubtedly will respond by saying they were driven and worked diligently toward their goals. So now, let’s start looking at what you can do with that diploma you’ve received from online beauty courses!

In beauty school, you are not only taught hair care, but also skin care, nail care, and management skills (and many other subjects) as well. You can choose to venture into spa and salon services as an aesthetician, popular now with aging baby boomers and the pressure to look youthful. Who doesn’t want to relax with soothing facials and skin treatments enhanced by aromatherapy? Nail services are everywhere now- gel, acrylic, shellac, manicures, and pedicures- all with fashion colours to suit every personality. Something is always going on with those industries, in addition to these opportunities you can think about:

  1. Become a platform artist/do education work for platform artists
  2. Work in the entertainment/fashion business, at any level
  3. Work for a dynamic salon offering a huge menu of services
  4. Work for a chain salon of your choosing (pick one that suits you)
  5. Work for a department store salon (get perks and build your book)
  6. Start your own salon (personalize it!)
  7. Work on a cruise ship or hotel spa (perks again!)
  8. Manage a salon or beauty business
  9. Manage a cosmetology school, or work at one
  10. Work in corporate offices of a beauty industry
  11. Teach in a private cosmetology school
  12. Teach in vocational/technical schools
  13. Work as a beauty supply dealer or sales consultant (lots of free stuff too!)
  14. Work as a technician for a beauty product manufacturer (free stuff and opens doors)

Some of the above vocations require additional training, such as taking teacher’s courses, so you’ll have to take this into consideration when you select your career path. But you get the idea- plan it out, consider your situation, location, clientele- but most of all, and dream big. It’s yours if you want it!

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