Car games for kids

travel with children

Games and activities kids can play while in the car.

Children often need to be occupied while traveling in a car. Most usually won’t occupy themselves, so it’s up to the parents to come up with some creative and fun ideas for the kids to do. The following games are fun and will keep the kids busy for hours, getting you to your destination in peace.

-Go through the alphabet by finding letters on signs, billboards or by spotting objects that begin with those letters.

-Agree on a certain word that no one in the car may say for a certain amount of time. Pick a word that people use often.

-As you are driving, describe something you’ve spotted and have the kids guess what it is. Keep giving them clues until they realize what you saw.

-Guess what color the next sign or car will be and how many people will be on the next bus, etc. You can also play this with the radio by guessing songs or commercials.

-Try to find a license plate from as many states as you can or find the alphabet or as many numbers in order.

-Make up lists ahead of time of things you might see while driving. Then as you go, call out things you found that are on your list and check it off. The first person to complete their list wins!

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