Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?

The foundation of my knowledge and that of many other individuals certainly was strengthened by a particular piece delivered from a block far away where Muppets came alive.  One’s intelligence forms out of numerous components over the years and some of these leave a significant imprint on the mind that help create lifelong memories.  Who could forget a gigantic yellow bird running through the street to proclaim to everyone his admiration for a furry friend?  Yet when they would arrive to meet this friend they discovered he had disappeared!  Imaginary pals were the best when it came to Big Bird and Snuffy.  What about the camping trip when an orange fellow pestered a sleepy yellow fellow about the sounds of the forest?  When the yellow fellow answered all the orange fellow’s questions it was only the orange fellow who could get to sleep, not the exhausted yellow.  Bert and Ernie were a dynamic duo whose silliness taught others and myself to treasure friendship.

All of this enjoyable madness mixed with ABC’s and 123’s went by and still goes by the name of Sesame Street.  As the show began and the song “Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?” played on, a sense of contentment was felt.  Now, as a new chapter in life begins and I ask, “Can you tell me how to get to Ellis Street?” home of the University of Chicago, the same sense of contentment revisits me.  There is a newfound awareness, however, that the street ahead will not always be smooth and the sun does not always sweep the clouds away.

Core values I continue to hold sacred were reinforced by the colorful creatures, which made their entrance into my family room via the television.  Share.  Be Kind.  Give.  Respect Other Cultures.  Communicate.  Read.  Write.  Count.  That last one has always got me.  With Math not being my strong point the site of the adorable “Count” who resembled the infamous Dracula sparked mixed emotions.  One being happiness, due to the love of all things spooky and the other fright, as numbers make me quiver!  I realize though that Mathematics is simply my obstacle in the academic arena.  Each area of life holds difficulties, some of which are easier to conquer than others.  When one contemplates all the aspects in his or her own world, be they emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, none of them are flawless by any means.  Sesame Street helped me remember that perfection is not possible and just being one’s self is the greatest joy.  As I venture off to college in Autumn I will cherish this sentiment.

A timeline represents the milestones one makes as time carries forth.  At the beginning of the educational path for me is of course Sesame Street and I hope it follows me to the end of time.  I do not want to ever forget the basics, the most important lessons, even as I theorize and analyze complex subjects.  From the day I was so proud to help a sibling, to today when I hope to assist a fellow classmate.  From being thrilled to learn how to say water in Spanish, to today when I may given the opportunity to be educated among students from all over the world, it’s the fundamentals which will make the intellectual pursuits all the more meaningful.  When the going gets tough it’s okay not to be smiles all of the time, as one may need to experience any emotion deemed necessary.  After all garbage can dweller, Oscar the Grouch, would love to hear me proclaim it is swell to be angry once in awhile.  Not that by any means a dorm should resemble residence in a garbage can, though some on campus may beg to differ.

So when I ask “Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?” I wish for others out there to come along for the expedition.  I am fortunate to have found it as a child but as in most adult journeys, it is easier to get lost.  Hopefully the experiences I endure as a university student enrich the first lessons I was ever taught and may the others who join in the trip find the same fulfillment.

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