Buying A Second-hand Bike? Here’s How You Get It Insured

Harley Davidson Motrocycle at garage

Two-wheelers are very popular all over the world because they are very convenient for everyone. The market for two-wheelers is vast in India, with a considerable number of people buying and selling them every day. This includes second-hand two-wheelers too.

If you are planning to buy a used two-wheeler, then you must be careful about a few things.

Checklist of things you need to verify

When investing in a bike, new or second-hand, it is vital that you do not choose by the appearance alone. You need to investigate many things before finalizing on a second-hand two-wheeler. The checklist can be divided into two parts. 

  1. Mechanical Check

This part consists of checking for the physical condition of the bike. There are many easy ways to do this.

Check for oil leakages. Carefully look around the engine area to find any signs of oil leaks. The seller surely will wash the two-wheeler before showing it to you. So, you have to look close

Make sure that there is no rust anywhere on the bike. Check the metal parts of the bike very carefully as a rusty bike means a lot of trouble

Any sign of accidental damages is a big red flag. Not only it means that the performance of the bike can’t be guaranteed, but it also means that getting a good deal on a two wheeler insurance for that bike will be difficult

You can avoid little scratch marks as unavoidable but do look for the deep scratch marks. They indicate internal damages

You need to make sure that the heart of the two-wheeler, the engine, is in good condition. Start the engine to check if there’s any smoke coming out of it. Listen to the sound carefully because it can reveal a lot about the engine’s health

Do not forget to look for the oil level in the engine too. If the oil seems rusty or dark brown in color, then it needs to be changed

When checking for the mileage of the bike, do not rely on the meter too much. It can be manipulated. Instead, check the condition of the two-wheeler’s tyres and accessories to get the real picture

Also, do not forget to check the spark plug, battery, clutch, gears and brakes before you take the bike for a test ride

  1. Paperwork Check

Once you have checked everything physical about the bike, you then need to check the history of it. Make sure that the seller has the right paperwork ready. You must check the documents that are listed below.

  • Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Tax certificate
  • Insurance paper
  • Pollution under Control (PUC) certificate
  • Service history
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Manual of the two-wheeler model

Insurance for the two-wheeler

When it comes to buying the best bike insurance, you must never compromise. You can get insurance for your second-hand bike from a reliable insurance provider. Insured Declared Value (IDV) and the age of the two-wheeler are the two aspects that you need to know about.

The cover and the premium values are determined based on the data. The procedure for a two wheeler insurance renewal or buying a new policy can be done online quickly. Make sure that you take your time researching the available policies and find the one that is best for you.

Ensure that you submit the necessary documents while applying for the two-wheeler insurance to make sure that it is not rejected by the insurance provider. Calculate your premium using the two wheeler insurance calculator before making a decision.

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