Bored Of Boredom

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We are all addicted to something. Most of us addicted to our life and a few to the lie that life is too short. Also, today one is easily  addicted to boredom. We are habituated to repeatedly do the mundane jobs and end up with intolerable boredom.

 The fact is that, life is too long than we could measure it with the number of hours we can count or the bank balance we managed to haul through our donkey routines. Now, I am just going off track to prove that for most of us boredom is the fastest addiction.

We can even get bored with boredom instantly.

When it’s just two days for the weekend to begin, our tendency to start getting bored with our routine increases. Smack the alarm, rush down a hot shower, dress well, sprinkle the holy gas perfumes, sit in our posh cars go to work. And when the weekend is at our door step, the boredom again peeps in too. The long drives, parks, malls and movies all have turned old. We don’t want to see people. We are seriously bored with god knows what. There is an endless list of activities to do including the vacation for next year! Yet we have time to crib, huh it’s really getting boring ya.

The weather creeps up to be boring too. Be it winter summer or the rains. After some time everything is dull. It’s in our minds. We just know when to hit boredom.

Boredom is the new opposite to happiness.

Happy X Sad = wrong

Happy X Bored = right

As for me, it’s been four decades on earth and I sure get bored with eating the staple food two times a day, 7 days a week. Neither have I changed my choices in the past 15 years of married life nor have I changed my husband. And hence, by now I do get bored waiting for my husband  to return from work. I am not the type that will dress well, and sit across the window with elbows at perpendicular on the couch and as his car screeches to halt at the parking rush to the door with grin. Because, he is on his mobile and am on mine and both are bored with them too.

But, you see we are addicted to boredom.

I have a daughter. Shes turns thirteen next week. But years ago she mastered the term “boring amma“. No it does not mean her mom(amma) is boring.  For my daughter the term amma is a suffix or a prefix with most nouns adjectives or even verbs. Hungry amma, play time amma, TV amma, shower amma, and in no time she’s bored of everything. So it’s boring amma. She’s my prided plume. Always on her toes. But at least once in a day there’s time for her to feel bored. Offer her any idea and she’s the Nostradamus that knows it’s going to be boring too.

Each generation of human species is a step ahead in the learning and so is my son 3-year-old and this afternoon he declared to me “mama I am bored”. I was in a state of shock with mixed feelings. He hardly knows what it is and he’s hit by it. I quickly indulged into some funny chats with him and questioned “what are your favourite things?”. Pat came the reply “egg, chicken and mamma“. That was second googly for the day for me. Apparently understanding the addictive syndrome of the generation, I quietly  offered him to watch his favourite cartoon on television and tried to sip some coffee with my thinking cap on.

I know that I am happy today. Not because I must be the Ms perfect. Not that I don’t have regrets when I look back. Not that there are no things I did not pick up to do and I repent them too. But over period of time I have learnt to put up with repents or hate. I have mused myself with the fact that I am doing a right thing today and will continue to do so tomorrow. When I took my break from my work, two years ago, I started slowly getting addicted to the cozy walls of the house and the hurricane routines. You will find me like a spider woman all around the house. Yet this gave me time to muse, whatever am doing is right or wrong? And then, I am filled with so many contradictions that I get bored thinking of all of them.

Again, I have no idea what boredom is. We are the busiest species on the earth and most intelligent. That’s the very reason, we have so much to do that we end up piling up intolerable boredom on our shoulders.

I have decided to attain a nirvana. By being extremely selfish. Unless I am happy, I can’t be the same super woman or the spider woman to paint the entire sky happy to keep my home happy. So take a chance to curb boredom, freak out with friends, watch a movie or vanish off to some sea-side with a good friend. The list is just too big too and I might by soon by hit by boredom even choosing one of them.

Here we go. Don’t stop feeling bored. It’s a roller coaster phase. It’s just a highly nuanced emotion especially highly credited in society today. Hitting boredom is just a speed pump for a change, isn’t it?

Is it?

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