The Bliss in RUBIN’s Perky Kiss – Saswata Ghosh

When wet breeze swam yester night
My eyes were damp, as I reclined

To read past poems, my sorrow’s delight

Brother27s Kiss
Image By sanjayausta

The memoirs of this, my trampled soul
Stabbed with pain, yet alive and whole.
Alive to remind, when I revelry soaked,
That my Fate for trial, every joy had stole.

In my verses I saw, those faces again,
Some in abode, while others by time,
Had left for roads, by Destiny lain.
But faces benign, which trembled me,
Were those I love, even everyday see;
Stare, not see, since break-up cruel,
Which chained my heart, kept hands but free.

Perhaps in pain from memories old;
I escaped to dreams, my eyelids closed;
But brimming eyes not, their runnels can hold.
I knew not when, this tunnel I slipped
Till my four-year brother, cute rosy-lipped,
Planted a kiss, on my listless cheeks;
Waking my eyes, wherein tears had dripped.

The bright fair petal, with excitement shivered.
He was panting while, he giggled and gazed
His starry eyes, one wish delivered-
Desperate to play, he was eager for fun,
This silent request, with his ‘lips’ he had done.
Though heavy my heart, I rose and smiled,
For I never could refuse, his loving summon.

How jovial he stood, innocent, serene;
I pulled him close, cuddled and kissed.
Ah! Floats in my eyes, that ingenuous scene-
His wreath of arms, my neck had worn
Pearls from my eyes, did his cheeks adorn.
With tender hands, see, he had come to lift
Heavy logs of grief, which my heart had borne.

That one warm hug, will last till late
As a loved portrait, on my memory walls.
Your kiss dear brother, has ended my wait
For a soul that loves, not complains, but is ‘quiet’,
Cures day’s sores in slumber of the night,
To nurse when I sick, sleeps at my side-
Before caring to know, if I’m wrong or right.

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  1. This made me yearn for my own sibling.Nostalgic !

    My favorite part:

    "In my verses I saw, those faces again,
    Some in abode, while others by time,
    Had left for roads, by Destiny lain."

    Your flawless technique causes the lines of the work to shine out,the natural style allows the poem to flow seamlessly.

    AS one poet to another I can see that you have used all the internal reflexes of your poetic mind for this one. Well done. You will go ways brother!

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