The BlackBerry-Vodafone Experience

BlackBerry, a name half the world swears by and a brand that we all want to associate ourselves with at some point in life. But that can happen only when we are one of the “grown ups” and become busy, hectic working people. Wrong. That notion is about to break in the next few minutes as you read along.

Vodafone, with its student oriented, affordable plans and offers has made keeping connected with friends much easier in Manipal. Now with the introduction of the Rs.548/= pm plan on BlackBerry and Vodafone, we Manipalites have a reason to enjoy. The Rs.548 plan consists of a voice plan from Vodafone and a data plan from BlackBerry. Vodafone and BlackBerry, both biggies in their respective fields make an amazing combination for us students who want features as well as affordability.

What is the most important thing in a 20-somethings life? Staying connected always and BlackBerry is the perfect tool to achieve the same and how! Its most unique feature is called the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) that most of us oblivious souls are unaware of. It’s like any one of your online messengers, just that it’s not online but still is real-time. Using BBM we can share files, pictures, music, and chat with anyone around the globe, totally free of cost. So imagine, you just heard an amazing song and you want your best friend in Dubai to hear it. Just send the song using BBM! Or say you capture a picture of a friend of yours in an awkward moment and very obviously you want to share it with everyone around and cause his doom. It’s as easy as sending a text message. Needless to say, the entire network is safe, secure and easy to use and more importantly free.

Besides this any new mail or any new update on a social networking site, all of it comes as a notification directly in your inbox. And these are just some of the special features of the BlackBerry. If I actually start writing about all that this little gadget has to offer, you do know what will happen!

Now, since we are in Manipal, there has to be something special for us, as always, after all we do deserve it. If we get our BlackBerry activated with a Vodafone connection here in Manipal, and take the Rs. 548 /- per month plan, then we get free, unlimited voice calls to anyone on the same plan. Along with that we also get 450 free calls to any local mobile and STD at only 50p. Now if that isn’t a good catch, I don’t know what is.

After reading all this, it would be only ignorant to think that BlackBerry is a corporate phone. It’s a phone whose features are ideal for the Manipal way of life. So go ahead and get your BlackBerry and take the entire concept of staying connected always to an entirely new level!

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