BITS Pilani FAQs: M.Sc. Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

How is M.Sc. Biological Sciences at BITS?

What are positives and negatives of M.Sc. Biological Sciences?


  1. Excellent research opportunities with amazing labs
  2. Perfect for students wanting to pursue inter-disciplinary fields like bio-engineering, bio-mechanics, bio-robotics etc. which are the fields of the future.
  3. Amazing faculty and research output of department is very high.
  4. Goes well with any dual.
  5. Is relatively easier among the duals


  1. Limited scope of subject in our country (this is the case with any research related field)
  2. Placements: dismal. As I said, it is a research oriented branch.

What you will learn in MSc Biological Sciences, and what are the nearest JEE topics to them?

Nearest JEE topic: Nothing, I repeat NOTHING taught here resembles the biology taught in school. The approach is very concept based and involves minimal test of memory as most exams are open book.

The curriculum includes every major field of biology including genetics, cell biology, ecology, biochemistry,bio-informatics etc. Advanced electives like genetic engineering, biocomputation and statistics are also offered.

What are good dual options with MSc. Biological Sciences and why?

Biology combined with:

  1. Computer Science: Bioinformatics and biocomputation are very good research fields (outside India unfortunately)
  2. Electronics: Bioelectronics; for example medical instrumentation and robotics.
  3. Chemical engineering: Bio-Reacters, waste treatment; in fact there is an elective offered by the Chemical engineering department: Biochemical engineering

These I would say are good combinations. Other options like Civil, Mechanical etc. are also not bad.


What is the scope of M.Sc. Biological Sciences in future?

Placements: Negligible. You’d rely only on your BE degree for placements

Research and higher studies: Immense scope, especially abroad. Biology and medical research is THE field to be in if you want to pursue research. A simple google search will give you the facts.

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