Bhondoo @ MIT: Love is lost, but never forgotten

Bhondoo 1 5Love, what a grand ol’ thing it can be. I use the words can be, because sometimes it can’t.
I guess, and almost everybody knows this simple fact, you can only get back what you put into it-relationship wise. Easy enough said, but somehow when you go about doing whatever it is you do in order to love, you can easily screw up. Why is love so strange though? I am , sure that this question has been pondered by many philosophers over the centuries in search of an easy answer, but of course there is no easy answer. It’s one helluva strong emotion that’s for sure. It can turn your guts inside out and cause your mind to have so many fantasies, delusions, and thoughts of grandeur, that you’d swear you were in the Goofy wing at Agra (Now that’s ironic, a monument for love and a goofy wing for the present generation).

Love is suppose to be a poet’s ecstasy. How can it be though, when that very emotion has been a major cause of suicide in society? Weird man, weird.
It doesn’t do a person any real good to fall in love though, when the person you fall in love with doesn’t know it. My God, that can be so maddening and ridiculous. Actually it can be really stupid. To fall in love with someone, and just know, just feel, that this person is the person for you, THE person for you, and never tell him or her, now that’s really idiotic.
This particular situation arose with a friend of mine.”Oh sure”, you say, “a friend.” It’s the truth though, his name is Bhondoo. He fell in love with a girl during his last year in high school. Bhondoo knew this was the girl he wanted to spend his life with.
He’s only 17, what the hell does he know what he wants in life? Exactly the same question I asked. But you must know, Bhondoo wasn’t your average snot-filled teenage kid. Glory be no!
He was above average in every way. And I’ll even leave your dirty mind to decide what it was exactly he excelled in. But never mind that. The point is, he loved her, but didn’t realize it until the end of the year, and by that time, the damn fool was so confused, he didn’t do anything about it.
Bhondoo tried calling, as a matter of fact, he did call her, but over those calls, especially the last few, he got the distinct impression that she didn’t really want to talk to him any further. So, being the overly sensitive and much emasculated man from a previous relationship , he didn’t persist any further. What a fool! All the time that he hasn’t talked to her since, he’s dreamed about her, thought about her day and night, and can not rest. He’s edgy and uncomfortable in just about everything he does. He can not get her out of his head, although he has tried, he just can not. She’s always there.
I’ve tried many times to persuade him into picking up the receiver and dialing her number. A number he knows by heart even though he hasn’t used it in three months, but he still won’t.
Good Lord, the man is definitely in love with her. He’s even contemplated that selfish act of suicide, but no. What would that prove? Mark’s a great guy, a good friend, very intelligent, a good humorist, mentally strong, opinionated, and basically a great guy for her. Don’t get me wrong now, I’m not gay, I don’t want to share a hotel’s bed with him, but you know what I mean.
The girl is very pretty indeed and also a person of great humor, and intelligent. They’re practically identical, even down to the side of them that they don’t often show, their emotions.
I don’t know what to do about Bhondoo, he’s a real good friend, but I am terribly afraid this whole situation at hand might affect him in a drastic way, emotionally that is. He’s even talking about never falling in love again because any feelings of love that he did have is still with her.
Isn’t love strange? Imagine what it can do to a man. Terribly strange. As for now though, Bhondoo still loves her very much. He wishes he can be with her so bad, that it really hurts like hell. He hasn’t spoken to her in three months, but somehow that isn’t stopping him.

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