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Grade Point Average is what reflects the amount of effort you have put into your academics – there is something beyond the GPA – its about success that is truly un-defined and scores cant do justice to it! We present to you the GPAs of this sem of our ‘stars’ in Manipal. Amusing to see how another year passed by in this amazing place. We’ll be amassing up our GPA’s now and having a thick and good look at the mirror, before going to sleep and then chilling off again! But amidst India’s second best Eco Green campus, amidst the six bucks spent so frequently all around, amidst the fluctuating old Chemistry building street lights; there have been people and things around you which have influenced you silently. But how well did they manage to make your stay in here worthwhile?  How do they rate in the ‘Engineer’s Terminology’?

Here is our take on these ‘stars’!

Om Xerox Aunty

This lady even has a Facebook profile with over 600 friends! Amazingly, a certain site called theTalk has taken over her Om Xerox’s first year assignment earnings, and it has affected her behavior for the bad. For example, try calling her ‘Aunty’ – she won’t give a Rat’s ass. Call her ‘Akka’ politely, and she’ll listen as if you’re her only customer all day. She roams around in style in an Innova and an Alto, and what’s more – she offers you free staple pins every day! Regionalist though, she has saved the lives of many a senior student!
GPA – 6 (Pissed Off)

The Food Court

Why in the world is the MIT Food Court made in the shape of a book? Do they expect us students to study there too? Anyway, the foodcourt has maintained amazing consistency this term to not come one single level above of its sub-standardity in terms of food.
If serving Junk food in the evening and then dosa half the mornings wasn’t enough there came the price rise, paying for peanuts was a different case – here students pay for food worse than peanuts all day!
GPA – 2.2 (Epic Fail)


MIT is perhaps the only institute with more number of Tech-fests than the number of branches themselves. Over this academic year, Tech-fests have amused us and gone a thread too low to bemuse us. Wherein some have failed to give us the correct ‘Direction’, other ‘Weekends’ have been crazy like never before. Not to mention a reversal of grading between the 2 biggest college fests of the year!
GPA – 8 (Hard work put in by Students)

The Common Man of MIT

The common man of MIT has undergone a change of thought, not just once in this academic year. Whether it meant voicing their opinion for their rights, or whether it meant sitting quiet and watching some terrible rock show events go by, leaving him a 100 bucks lighter; the common man of MIT has done it all this season. A few hick-ups in terms of behavior here and there, but the Unity amongst the MITans has been brilliant to say the least!
GPA – 8.5

M.I.T. Central Library

The place where geeks are born and the place where new romances are taken to the next level in the dark dingy corners. Library serves both these purposes apart from being a storehouse of knowledge. During sessionals and end sems, seats are reserved with bags, books, empty soda bottles and anything else people can get their hands on. The costliest things in the library aren’t the books but the number of seats available there. Library is where we go to escape the hostel fun but end up surfing high speed internet and making bold resolutions to study in future.

GPA- 10 [Cause of the Geek Power]


Lipton Tea Stall situated in front of 14th Block provides for our hunger craving during the times when we have missed breakfast and are too lazy to go anywhere else. Lipton serves as a beacon of hope during those difficult sessional and end sems afternoon when we have rats dancing in our stomachs. Although some marks are deducted as it gives over priced puffs and lime but people don’t mind it in hot sweltering days. Lipton ‘Anna satisfies our stomachs on each and every occasion.

GPA- 8 [Kind of like the Big-Bazaar of Udupi and sometimes they do smuggle in Colas]

Night Canteen

The lonesome Night Canteen guy serves to late night binges. Arrive at the night canteen at around 11.50 pm and you will find the aroma of coffee and puffs being replaced by the odor of sweat and grime and people craving for that last cup of noodles or coffee. The night canteen serves as our Arsenal for the long torturous nights during exams. I had this pact with a hostel-friend of mine and we would always go to night canteen at 11 pm and talk about our entire day and slang about our room-mates over coffee.

GPA- 7.24 [Sometimes they are out of stock of puffs]

Manipal Stores

From deodorants to ear phones to soaps, you name it they have got it. Apart from a few exceptions such as Colas and condoms, Manipal Stores is the place to purchase your toiletries, stationery, crockery and some confectionery. Manipal Stores get you mobile recharges and EG sheets, laundry bags and Feast Ice Creams. It is a multi-purpose establishment to cater to our needs but sometimes a bit over crowded and under staffed.

GPA-6 [We are tired of Wai-Wai Noodles and 5 Rs for a cup of water]


They can give the Knight Bus or Bat mobile a run for their money. They are fairly knowledgeable with knowing each and every place in Manipal by name. Sometimes they may not understand what we are saying and just reply with a grunt and a nod and will reach you to your destination even if you keep telling them that you left your bag behind. These chaps are sometimes overworked and tend to fall to the dark side a bit, but all in all they are not all that bad.

GPA- 5 [They overcharge us a lot, Night Rates are a big pain in the butt]


They start from the beginning of the semester and go on till the end. You will either be a volunteer sitting at the KC info desk or a student listening to a volunteer about workshops. From robot making to coding to learning a guitar, MIT has numerous workshops. Some are very good, some are not. They lure you with the prospect of teaching wondrous stuff in the shortest of time. But most of us just join for certificates now don’t we? Or maybe for the prospect of meeting a hot girl who is a volunteer.

GPA- 6.6 [They try hard to teach us something new, but sometimes are disastrous also.]

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