Best Meat Injector – The Secret To A Perfect Steak

Meat injectors make great options in the kitchen, but also while barbecuing outdoors. Whether you prepare some meat at home or during a camping trip, it is important to become aware of all the modern possibilities to marinade and flavor your recipes. Barbecues are constantly pushing to improve the taste with all kinds of fancy features. Many of them are nothing but worthless bells and whistles. Instead, most people fail to realize that the marinade injector is probably the only tool that can make the difference. Whether you want to add some moisture or just add an extra flavor, this is the ideal solution to your queries.

A meat injector looks like a needle. It gives you the opportunity to inject specific ingredients directly into the meat. So why would anyone use an injector when you can just sprinkle flavors on top of the meal? The main purpose is pretty simple – you want the entire steak to taste great and not just the surface. Forget about marinading and soaking the meat overnight or over a few hours. Instead, do it as you start cooking. If there is one drawback you can think about, that is the necessity to cook your steak a little more due to the extra moisture. But then, a few extra minutes will not necessarily harm you.

Things that really matter in a meat injector

Buying the best meat injector is not hard. Skip the old misconception that the bigger it is, the better it becomes. Moreover, an injector is not just a big needle. Instead, it has a few qualities that are clearly worth some attention. For example, the needle portion often makes the difference. While the tip is sharp and can go through meat with no problems at all, the hole must be on one side of the needle. This way, you got full control over the marinade direction without drilling the steak. Plus, the needle can easily get stuck if the hole is on the tip due to the meat going in. Perfect Steak

It is highly recommended to opt for a more sophisticated meat injector. Most units come with one hole, yet multiple openings can guarantee for better results. Try to compare a hose and a sprinkler. The same rule applies in this industry. A sprinkle is more efficient than the hose. Moreover, sprinkling keeps the marinade inside the meat. Otherwise, it might leak back out through those holes when flipping it upside down.

Finally, no matter what meat injector you use, make sure that you plan the injections upfront. You do not want to start making plans when the steak is about to get cooked. Instead, consider the injections for a proper marinade distribution. Otherwise, some parts of the steak will be excessively flavored, while others will have no taste.

With these ideas in mind, buying and using the right meat injector becomes a simple and efficient procedure. Moreover, the final result will make all the difference in the world, especially when you see your guests licking their fingers after having the perfect steak.

About the author: Julia Jones is an avid food enthusiast who loves everything about cooking and especially using modern tech in cooking. She occasionally shares her opinion about the latest and craziest kitchen gadgets on the Kitchen Gadgets Wars blog.


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